The Importance of Ongoing Support for ENT Billing and Coding

There are a lot of consulting services that work with Otolaryngology billing and coding that offer training and education but do not provide ongoing support. Whether your goal is to streamline the billing process, increase revenue, or make improvements to comprehensive record-keeping, you can achieve it when you work with MD Pro Solutions. Our team of highly trained and experienced consultants, educators, and support staff offer ongoing services designed to continue improving your practice. Surgical chart auditing, development of policies and procedures, fast and accurate credentialing, and detailed reports are just the beginning of the services that we offer to our clients.

A Customer-Focused Approach

We know through experience that the needs of our clients don’t disappear on the day that we provide them with a completed evaluation or when their team finishes their Otolaryngology billing and coding training. Ongoing support is necessary to help billing departments, practices, and office managers to stay on top of the latest changes and requirements of the healthcare industry. As the demands of this business continue to expand and evolve, individuals who work in the medical field need to be prepared to adapt. The best way to do this is through ongoing support with a team of experienced, specialized educators, consultants, and providers who know what an ENT practice or clinic needs to be successful.

Whether your focus is currently on improving comprehensive record-keeping, ensuring that ICD-10 requirements are being met, or if you need practice or surgical chart auditing, MD Pro Solutions can help. Our customer-focused approach means that we create a solution based on your individual needs and requirements. We customize the program, services, and ongoing support that we offer to improve your team’s medical billing skills, reduce stress for physicians and office managers, and eliminate time-wasting activities. Our team uses the latest tools and software available to improve the efforts of your staff and increase the abilities of your current medical billing system. We ensure complete confidentiality for you and your patients while assisting you in your quest to deliver top-notch service.

Why You Need Ongoing Support

The demands of the healthcare industry continue to grow, expand, and evolve. The recent transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 was very challenging for many practices and clinics. For some, it was overwhelming, but for our clients who depend on us to stay on top of changes to Otolaryngology billing and coding, they were able to come through it unscathed. Outsourcing a consultation service to provide ongoing support, education, and services can enhance and improve the abilities of your in-house staff. We specialize in working with Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) practices and clinics, so we have an expansive understanding of what you need to be successful. Additional services, such as fast and accurate credentialing, surgical chart auditing, and billing solution reviews, can help you to take your practice even further.

Once we have helped you to improve and streamline your medical billing process, our team will follow up with your staff periodically to make sure that solid practices and methods are still in place. Our goal is to help you to improve patient services, reduce everyday activities that waste time, and improve management across the board. With more than 50 years of experience working with medical administration and the billing industry, we use proprietary accounts receivable protocols and revenue generation applications to develop a series of custom solutions designed specifically for ENT physicians and practices. We work with you to help you boost revenue and improve medical billing through enhanced education, tools, and ongoing support. As the industry continues to change, we will be there to help you navigate foreign waters and come out on the other side, stronger and ready to succeed.

No Pressure Support Services

When you work with MD Pro Solutions for Otolaryngology billing and coding support, you will notice right away that we do not pressure our clients to change their medical billing services or submit to outsourced service solutions. While we do offer these options to our customers, we prefer to work with each client as an individual to target the services we provide based on their goals, needs, and preferences. If you wish to stay with your current provider, we will offer ongoing support designed to help you maximize the abilities of that system to its full potential.

Most of our clients have been able to improve the success of their billing procedures to increase revenue by at least ten percent in the first year alone. If you are ready to learn more about MD Pro Solutions or if you would like details regarding our fast and accurate credentialing, comprehensive record-keeping support, or surgical chart auditing services, give us a call at 508-946-1665.