Improve Account Management: Offside CPA Audits and Reporting

One of the best ways to make a marked change in any business is to take a look at how everything operates from a different point of view. External reviews and offside CPA audits help busy practices to identify issues that could be hindering the growth of their business. When you work with MD Pro Solutions, we will provide a variety of professional audits and reviews. We do this before we start working with your team to make any changes so we can see your strengths and your weaknesses. The goal is to improve account management, streamline the work that is being done, and eliminate any time-wasting practices that could be holding you back. Our comprehensive array of medical billing solutions was developed specifically for your specialty. We work solely with Ear Nose and Throat (ENT), Plastic Surgery, and Ortho medical billing services to provide focused services designed for your unique needs.

Types of Offside Audits Available

When you contact our team to discuss your needs for medical billing solutions and professional consultation, we will provide you with details about our options for performing external audits. In addition, MD Pro Solutions can also offer ongoing audits, which can be used as a temperature-taking measure for your business now and in the future. This helps medical practices to stay on top of their business growth and management to better determine changes that need to occur to remain focused and on track. The two primary types of offside CPA audits that we perform in this manner include Annual Chart Auditing and Surgical Chart Auditing. We perform these in addition to our initial consultation assessment and offer the option to continue providing these services annually to deliver strategic data for your practice.

Reporting & Communications Opportunities

In addition to offside CPA audits for ENT, Plastic Surgery, and Ortho medical billing services, we also offer a variety of reporting services. We are committed to providing our clients with the reports and regular communications necessary to ensure customer satisfaction. Our team can create custom solutions and schedules for reports based on your needs and requirements. We deliver a variety of comprehensive standard monthly reports that can augment any custom requests that you make for specific information. MD Pro Solutions can even deliver on-demand reports with custom data to help improve account management and make better, more informed business decisions.

It is important to note that our consulting and outsourcing services are limited by the software system that you currently use. If you have a system that is outdated or does not provide data that is necessary to provide all of the information that you require, we might not be able to have access to this essential core data. In addition, we believe strongly that communication between our team and your staff is vital to improve your medical billing solutions and operations. To ensure that the time we spend in communications is the most effective, we can create a scheduled system of reporting so it won’t add any unnecessary burdens to your already busy schedule. Our goal is to create a solution that provides you with the opportunity to focus on your patients and your practice by spending less time on account management and the medical billing process.

How to Get Started

The best way to begin working to improve account management within your Otolaryngology, Plastic Surgery, or Ortho medical billing services is to contact MD Pro Solutions. We begin each new client relationship by performing an initial evaluation and a FREE billing review. We can help get your account management running effectively and efficiently to improve medical billing solutions across the board. Call our team toll-free at 1-800-853-8110 or fill in your information online to get a FREE billing review for your practice. There are many benefits to getting the billing review. Industry experts maintain that a billing review should be performed every two to three years, sooner if there are issues within the operation that need to be addressed.

We have a stellar record with the services we provide to our clients. Through our billing reviews, we have identified lost revenue and opportunities in 95 percent of the cases. Your practice could be losing thousands of dollars per provider, and you might not even know it. A comprehensive billing review and consultation services can help you to halt any bad practices, retrain staff, and get back on track. Whether you decide to outsource your medical billing with our team or if you prefer to offer training and support to your in-house staff to make improvements, MD Pro Solutions can help. We offer a multifaceted approach designed specifically to improve account management for medical practices and clinics as quickly and painlessly as possible. Call us today to move forward in a positive direction for the future of your practice.