Top 7 Reasons to Consider Outsourcing ENT Billing and Coding

Medical coding and billing requires a very specialized set of skills. Making sure that your team is up-to-date on the latest methods, coding regulations, and industry requirements can be a job in itself. Established practices need to invest in their employees to make sure they are working effectively and efficiently in their performance of medical billing for ENT practices and other specialists’ offices and clinics. However, with all of the changes that have happened within the healthcare industry in recent years, finding individuals who are adept at providing quality Otolaryngology billing services can be challenging. One of the ways that new practices and physicians that are expanding their offices and require additional billing services have protected their business is through outsourcing billing ENT services with a professional third-party provider.

Reason #1 – Reduce Overhead Costs

The cost to recruit, hire, pay, provide benefits, and offer continued training and support for one qualified employee to do medical billing for ENT practices can be quite expensive. It is a set cost that must be paid regardless of the work that is done. Other costs can include office space, furniture, computer hardware, software, and office supplies to maintain an in-house billing department. When you outsource ENT billing and coding, you only pay based on the work that is completed through a percentage of the collections that are received.

Reason #2 – Reduce Stress

When a medical practice is overextended, overworked, and does not have enough time in a day to stay on top of medical billing for ENT practices, it shows. Everyone in the office will be stressed out and no one will be giving their best to the patients who depend on them for care and treatment. Outsourcing billing ENT services frees your office from the stress and worry of these administrative tasks, opening the door for staff to focus solely on patient care and services. Medical billing is essential to the success of any practice or clinic. If you aren’t getting paid, you won’t stay in business for very long – talk about stressful!

Reason #3 – Better Results

Because the team that operates the outsourced ENT billing and coding services only focus on submitting claims for their clients, the work that they do will yield better results. Every single outstanding claim is tracked until it can be processed and paid to its fullest. The outsourcing billing ENT services team integrates with your office to ensure that everyone stays focused and has the same goals in mind for all of your Otolaryngology billing services and needs. Regular reporting is provided to ensure that you are aware of the status of medical billing for ENT practices at all times.

Reason #4 – More Flexibility

With so many changes occurring on a regular basis within the healthcare industry, having the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your ENT billing and coding is up-to-date with the latest regulations and requirements is reassuring. As the rules and guidelines continue to change, at least you will know that by outsourcing billing ENT services, your claims will continue to be submitted accurately and in a timely manner to maximize payment. You won’t need to worry about whether your team is up for the challenge or have to invest in education and training every single time something changes.

Reason #5 – Faster Payments

Having a positive cash flow is essential to the success of your business. The number of days that an invoice spends in accounts receivable, which is known as the revenue cycle time in accounting terms, will have an impact on your practice’s bottom line. Keeping a steady flow of income will help you to maintain, grow, and expand your business, allowing you to provide care and services to more patients. A qualified, professional team of experienced Otolaryngology billing services technicians can submit claims faster and with fewer errors than most in-house billing teams. This means that your payments will arrive faster, you will experience fewer delays, denials, and rejections, and can count on timely payment.

Reason #6 – Increased Consistency

In a busy practice, things can happen in the day-to-day schedule that interrupts your team’s ability to work effectively and efficiently to perform ENT billing and coding tasks. A long billing question phone call with a single patient or missing co-workers due to vacations, lost days due to holidays, and seasonal downtime – these can all impact your ability to complete medical billing for ENT practices. Outsourcing billing ENT services means having a team that is dedicated solely to processing and submitting your claims – and nothing else.

Reason #7 – Improved Control

While it might seem as though outsourcing would make you feel as though you were giving up control of your ENT billing and coding by sending it somewhere else, the truth is that many practice managers and physicians say they feel empowered by outsourcing. You now have the ability to take control of all the other areas of your practice and know that accounting is being taken care of by a team of highly qualified professionals.

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