ENT Account Management: Comprehensive Record-Keeping Skills

ENT account managementHow well is your in-house billing department working for Otolaryngology management billing and coding? Are you receiving payments on a regular basis, or do you have to deal with a lot of denied or rejected claims? Sometimes determining the effectiveness of ENT account management within a busy practice or clinic is not easy. A combination of skills, daily tasks, and ongoing results must be observed and checked on regularly to ensure that things are moving in a positive direction. While many practices were set back after the latest ICD-10 changes, there has been ample time to get on board with the new coding requirements or make the decision to outsource ENT billing to a team of credentialed billing experts. Comprehensive record-keeping skills, training for staff, and ongoing billing department support can go a long way toward making sure that you are doing everything you can to stay on top of essential billing and coding efforts.

External Billing Department Review

Perhaps the best way to identify any issues that might be holding you back from success when it comes to ENT account management and billing is to hire a third party to perform an external billing department review. MD Pro Solutions offers a wide range of services designed to meet the unique needs of Otolaryngology management billing and coding. We work primarily with ENT, plastic surgery, and Orthopedic practices and clinics to fine-tune our knowledge, skill, and experience with the comprehensive record-keeping, coding, and solutions required by these specialties. When you hire our team to perform an external billing department review, you can count on us to uncover the underlying issues that are causing delayed payments and rejected or denied claims.

Our many years of experience have helped us to deliver top-notch services to our clients. In fact, while carrying out billing reviews, we have been able to find lost revenue and missed opportunities in more than 95 percent of the cases. It can be extremely frustrating for physicians and practice managers to do all of the work necessary to provide quality patient care only to receive a denial of payment from the insurance company. Whether the bill was submitted incorrectly or coded improperly, we can offer solutions designed to help you overcome these common issues. Your practice could be losing tens of thousands of dollars per year for each provider, and you wouldn’t even know it without a proper external review.

What We Can Do

Once we identify the issues and uncover the problems inherent with ENT account management at your practice or clinic, we can assist by providing education, training, and ongoing support for you and your staff. Otolaryngology management billing and coding is a very specialized field, and our expert billing staff and educators are focused on delivering quality training and support. We can suggest new practices and system updates that you can use to maximize the return on your investment and make sure that you are getting everything out of your current billing software program. We will work with your billing team and practice manager to ensure that everyone is working as effectively and efficiently as possible to ensure you are getting the earnings you deserve without disrupting your practice.

The new changes that were made to medical billing, along with recently imposed federal regulations, have made it challenging for ENT account management teams to keep up and stay on top of industry requirements. Our team can work with you and your staff to provide regular education and training updates designed to help you more accurately navigate these changes to ensure that your practice or clinic can successfully navigate the evolving economic times of the healthcare industry. With a team of professional consultants, educators, Otolaryngology management billing and coding experts, support staff, and experienced CPAs, we can ensure that you are ready for whatever comes next. Whether you choose to outsource ENT billing or make improvements to specific areas like comprehensive record-keeping and specialized coding, MD Pro Solutions can help.

Complete ENT Account Management

Unlike other organizations that promise training or only outsource ENT billing services at MD Pro Solutions, we truly offer a wide range of services that you can use to make your practice more effective and efficient. We provide tools that you can use to stay on top of the work that you and your team are doing, such as scheduled billing reviews, a complete analysis and update of all medical billing codes, and fraud prevention services through the use of offside audits to ensure that the cash collected at the front desk matches the banked receipts. We can also provide training and education opportunities for all staff, including those who work in the front office, as well as a review of all forms, systems, and programs currently in-use. To learn more about MD Pro Solutions and the services available, contact our team toll-free at 1-800-853-8110.