Medical Billing Software and Outsourcing Billing ENT Services

medical billing softwareWe have a policy at MD Pro Solutions to never pressure our clients into changing their medical billing software system. However, when you hire our team for consultation services, we will offer an honest and objective analysis of everything that you use, including all forms and programs, to perform your account management and administrative tasks. We have found many clients who were not utilizing their current software system to its full potential and have come across others who were using a program that held them back because it was so outdated. Our team will offer insight, suggestions, and recommendations, but we will not pressure you to make such a significant change. However, you need to know that even if you decide to outsource medical billing services to our team, our abilities may be limited by the software system that you use to run your billing department.

Outsourcing Billing ENT Services

There are many professional services that busy Ear Nose and Throat practices can use to their advantage when they work with our team at MD Pro Solutions. Education and training programs, ongoing online support, surgical chart auditing, annual billing review, and other services designed to streamline daily tasks and make your office team more effective can be chosen on a case-by-case basis. While you might not require ongoing support, you could use our reporting services, offside CPA audits, or outsourcing billing ENT services to augment the work that you already do in-house. With all of the changes facing the healthcare industry and evolving requirements from the federal government, it pays to work with a team of professionals who will have your back and work to ensure that you stay on top of it all.

There are many reasons to outsource medical billing services. Your needs might differ from other practice physicians – even others who also work in Otolaryngology. This is why MD Pro Solutions offers a unique approach to ENT account management services. Our goal is to design a custom service that will help you maximize the abilities of your current medical billing software, increase receipts, protect your business from fraud, and ensure that your staff is up-to-date on the latest industry requirements. Outsourcing can help to ensure better compliance, improve patient satisfaction, and reduce HR work and coverage issues. When you outsource medical billing service, you can also reduce overhead costs while ensuring a high level of audit oversight due to the separation of duties.

How Outsourcing Saves Money

While it might seem strange to think that paying an outside service to take care of your billing and coding services would cost less, you need to consider what it costs you to do it in-house right now. There are costs incurred for the initial hiring process to bring in professionally trained and experienced billing and coding experts. Also, once they are hired, there is a monthly salary, benefits, insurance, and staff maintenance costs to consider. A separate area for an in-house billing department can also be quite costly, not just for the computer hardware and software, internet requirements, and security, but also for the physical space, desk, chair, extra furniture, and peripherals that are needed to get the job done. When you outsource medical billing services, you can eliminate this entire department and put your focus on providing quality patient care services while we take care of the rest.

Outsourcing billing ENT services also helps to reduce billing errors, which eliminates delays in payment from insurance companies, as well as denials and rejections. This helps to improve cash flow and increase revenue, ensuring that your practice is not leaving money on the table. Overall, this helps to assure improved compliance with industry regulatory requirements, while eliminating costs associate with training and retraining of your billing staff. We can perform surgical chart auditing, offside CPA audits, and other valuable services, to offer a comprehensive approach to your ENT billing and coding services. Outsourcing reduces payroll taxes and overhead while saving money on employee costs and establishing a fixed cost based on the number and amount of invoices that are processed and paid. In the end, outsourcing even helps busy practices to achieve collection goals while improving reporting and benchmarking.

Ready to Hear More?

If you would like to hear more about the services available through MD Pro Solutions for outsourcing billing ENT services, medical billing software reviews, surgical chart auditing, and offside CPA audits make sure to contact our team directly. You can start with a FREE Billing Review on our website or call our team toll-free at 1-800-853-8110.