Plastic Surgery Account Management: Outsource Medical Billing

outsource plastic surgery medical billingOne of the best ways to get your medical practice under control and prepared for future growth is to make advances in account management. This is especially true for specialized practices, such as plastic surgery, where things like medical coding and billing require a team of highly trained and experienced professionals to ensure you aren’t leaving money on the table. Plastic surgery account management can be best accomplished when you choose to outsource medical billing services to a reputable company like MD Pro Solutions. Our many years of experience working with medical specialists in the areas of plastic surgery, Orthopedic, and Ear Nose and Throat physicians have helped us to provide unmatched quality services for our clients. Whether you simply need assistance with medical billing or require comprehensive consulting, fast and accurate credentialing for insurance providers, or need offside CPA audits to protect your business, our team can help.

What to Expect When Outsourcing

With the whole world going digital and so many services available online, there is no better time to outsource medical billing services than right now. Outsourcing does not mean that you are giving up control over your plastic surgery account management. In fact, this type of service can help busy practices to get into a position that allows them to have better control over the day-to-day management of their practice. Billing and coding, along with all of the other tasks related to account receivables, can take up a significant portion of each day. Streamlining your office by removing this stressful, time-consuming process can provide the means for your staff to focus on other essential administrative and patient services. For many of our clients, having more time to provide care and services to patients is the number one reason to choose to outsource medical billing services.

When you work with MD Pro Solutions to outsource medical billing services, we provide a wide range of additional information, support, and services designed to help you maximize the experience. Our experience helps us to understand and develop solutions designed specifically for plastic surgery account management, while offering additional services that will help you to improve your business and increase revenue, all while protecting your business from potential fraud and other common issues. Our team can provide fast and accurate credentialing to ensure that any new physicians are able to treat patients under the insurance companies and networks that you use. We can also offer comprehensive consulting services designed to address issues at every level, while delivering offside CPA audits and other reports that will ensure complete satisfaction for every service available.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Our team handles everything concerning plastic surgery account management for your patient files, including the coding and claims submission, following up on unpaid claims, and expediting claims to ensure that they are paid on time. Because all we do is medical coding and billing, our entire team of highly trained and experienced billing technicians are up on the latest coding requirements, industry regulations, and preferences by the insurance companies and third-party payers that you use. Medical coding errors can lead to significant delays in reimbursements, as well as payer audits. All of this can hurt your practice and result in lost payments, delayed payments, and a negative rating.

If you are experiencing any degree of denied or rejected claims at your practice, consider taking our FREE BILLING REVIEW. The reimbursement for these types of claims will ultimately depend on your ability to correct and resubmit them promptly. Outsourcing medical coding and billing services to a team of certified professionals who are trained and experienced with the ICD-10 coding system and requirements will help to improve your results. We continue to provide ongoing training for relevant CPT code changes and adjustments that are directly related to your practice and specialty to ensure the best results. This means fewer mistakes are made, better care can be provided by you to your patients, and regular billing cycles run a lot smoother.

The MD Pro Solutions Guarantee

We are so confident in the ability of our team when you outsource medical billing services that we guarantee to increase your net receipts by at least five percent in the first year of our working together. If you do not achieve this minimum goal, your billing is FREE. What do you have to lose? Start today with a FREE BILLING REVIEW and see where it takes you. Industry experts suggest that a comprehensive billing review should be performed at least every two to three years. An external review is necessary to ensure that you and your team are on the right track. Contact MD Pro Solutions with any questions about the services that we provide or to set up a consultation with one of our experts by calling toll-free 1-800-853-8110.