5 Reasons to Consider Outsourcing Orthopedic Medical Billing

outsource orthopedic billingMost physicians are taught in medical school that the best way to stay in control over their practice is to do all Ortho billing and coding in-house. However, the truth is that the outlook on outsourcing medical billing for practices and clinics has changed in recent years. Many consultants, physicians, and other medical professionals are now advocating for new and busy practices to outsource medical billing services for best results. Recent changes in the healthcare industry, particularly in the requirements of billing and coding, have made it a real challenge for many practices to keep up with the demands. Falling behind on billing and collections, seeing higher numbers of rejected or denied claims, and constantly worrying about finances does nothing to help physicians serve their patients. It can be a huge distraction that could ultimately lead to the closure of the practice and the inability of the doctor to effectively treat patients.

Should You Outsource Ortho Billing?

There are many advantages associated with outsourcing medical billing and coding services to a proven and effective billing service. It is essential to partner with a service that can offer you everything you need to streamline Ortho billing and coding and provide you with the ongoing support and results that you need to grow your business. Medical billing for practices should offer comprehensive reports and services designed to keep physicians and office managers in the driver’s seat so they can stay in control when they outsource medical billing services. MD Pro Solutions specializes in services for Orthopedic, Plastic Surgery, and Otolaryngology practices and clinics to ensure that our clients maximize revenue and protect their business for the future.

Reason #1 – Reduced Overhead

When you outsource Ortho billing to an outside medical billing service, you eliminate the need for creating a separate department or workstation area for in-house billing. This means reduced space requirements, eliminated desks, chairs, computers, peripherals, software, and additional furniture or hardware that you won’t have to purchase. You can make better use of the space – adding another exam room or office supply area – and save the money that you would have spent on a billing department to reinvest somewhere else. In addition to items and space, practices can also save by not having to hire and maintain certified and skilled billing team members. No time and money wasted in hiring, training, and paying employees to perform billing work include salaries, benefits, sick time, vacation shortages, and more.

Reason #2 – Increased Revenues

The way that it works when you outsource medical billing services is that the service does not get paid unless you get paid. You and the company that offers Ortho billing and coding have the same goal: to keep the collection of payments and fees coming into the office on a regular and consistent basis. The company you hire to outsource Ortho billing is designed to increase collections to get paid for their services. When you do in-house billing, the amount of money you pay for staff to be there is the same, regardless of how much revenue comes in each month. Professional medical billing for practices only gets paid based on the payments that you receive, so they will work aggressively to eliminate rejected and denied claims or to resubmit any claims that have been returned to expedite payment.

Reason #3 – Improved Productivity

When you hire MD Pro Solutions to outsource Ortho billing, you are hiring our team to take care of all the Ortho billing and coding for your practice. This is all that we do, so we are focused on taking care of all the billing, coding, and claims submissions for your practice and nothing else. We are not taking patient calls, setting up appointments, working with patients, answering insurance questions, or anything else – we just stay focused on the task at hand. If there are employees who become sick or take time off for an annual vacation, we have an entire team of other highly trained and experienced professionals to take their place. This eliminates downtime, reduced staffing issues, and other problems that can commonly result in setbacks when in-house billing services are performed.

Reason #4 – Secured Data

When you work with a company like MD Pro Solutions to outsource medical billing services, you can rest assured that we understand and adhere to healthcare industry regulations concerning patient data and privacy. A simple data breach can expose sensitive information and have long-term effects on your practice. The cost associated with increasing data protection and managing patient information can be significant. When you outsource Ortho billing to a reputable and trusted organization like MD Pro Solutions, you can have peace of mind in knowing that we have the same concerns and focus our attention on protecting patient records and related medical data. Our consultant team can also provide additional services designed to help you increase protections in-house and offer training programs for your team.

Reason #5 – Protect Your Future

Industry audits can be scary, especially for practices that do not have the necessary documentation available and on-hand for offside CPAs to examine. When you outsource Ortho billing with MD Pro Solutions, we offer instant access to all required documentation and work closely with you and your team to further reduce liabilities. We are not just a partner in your Ortho billing and coding services, but an ally that can provide necessary reviews, audits, reports, and credentialing to help you meet your practice goals. We can provide annual chart auditing, surgical chart auditing, and offer a system of reports, audits, and reviews designed to ensure that you stay on track.

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