Outsource Plastic Surgery Billing: Increase Practice Revenue

plastic surgery billing reviewMedical billing, which is known as Revenue Cycle Management, can be handled in-house at a medical practice or outsourced through a professional service. Changes in the healthcare industry, new and continually evolving regulations, and increased demands on practice staff have led many to choose to outsource. The good news is that there are many benefits available for those who outsource Plastic Surgery billing. In addition to quality control and management for billing and coding services, many physicians find that they are able to increase medical billing revenues and improve Plastic Surgery practice support for administrative services. Surgical chart auditing, forms reviews, and training for front desk staff can also help to make marked improvements across the board.

What is Involved in Medical Billing?

The process itself is part of what takes so much time away from physicians and practice managers. Medical billing involves a process that requires claims to be sent to insurance companies to receive payment. Practices must also follow-up on those claims to ensure that they are properly completed and paid promptly. Skills that contribute to increase medical billing revenues and eliminate time-wasting practices include accuracy, timeliness, and organization. This helps to maintain a high clean claims rate and maximize revenue for the Plastic Surgery practice or clinic. In-house billing can be rife with errors, delays, and inefficiency, resulting in delayed or missed revenue opportunities. Maintaining an in-house billing department can also be a challenge. Attracting, training, and retaining skilled employees can be difficult in such a competitive industry market.

Choosing to outsource plastic surgery billing can decrease staff costs, lower overhead, and eliminate the need for billing resources, such as hardware, software, and additional training requirements for staff. Practices are able to increase medical billing revenues through shared interests with billing companies, which only get paid when the client receives payment for submitted claims. This helps to reduce and eliminate mistakes, ensure that claims are submitted in a timely and professional manner, and improve your practice’s high clean claims rate to establish a better business approach going forward. MD Pro Solutions utilizes proprietary account receivables software and proven techniques to help our clients protect their business, increase revenue, and avoid common issues that can hold practices back from growing and expanding. We offer comprehensive Plastic Surgery practice support, surgical chart auditing, offside CPA audits, and monthly reports to provide all the tools you need to be successful.

Get a FREE Billing Review

The best way to get started is to get a FREE billing review for your practice. Regardless of your goals, if you want to outsource Plastic Surgery billing, increase medical billing revenues, or gain control over account management, our team of experts can help. There are many benefits associated with getting a comprehensive billing review for your practice. Industry insiders recommend that practices get an external review of their billing and collections processes every two to three years to ensure that everything is being done properly. Annual chart review, surgical chart auditing, and offside CPA audits can be helpful, but it all starts with a review of your billing operation. You can get a FREE billing review through MD Pro Solutions to help get you started on the path to getting Plastic Surgery practice support and services that are based on your unique needs and requirements.

Our statistics reveal that in carrying out billing reviews for our clients, we have found lost revenue and opportunities in more than 95 percent of the cases. It can be extremely frustrating to do all the work related to providing patient care and collecting insurance data only never to get paid because of billing errors. To avoid denied and rejected claims, many practices are choosing to outsource Plastic Surgery billing and administrative services. Your practice could be losing thousands of dollars per provider, and you might not even know it until you get a comprehensive billing review. If your organization is capturing revenue and outsourcing with a billing service to increase medical billing revenues, it can significantly enhance the services you are able to provide your patients while improving your practice.

Ready to Get Started

If you would like to learn more about options to outsource Plastic Surgery billing and get professional Plastic Surgery practice support, contact our team at 508-946-1665. In addition to these benefits, MD Pro Solutions takes a customer-focused approach to everything that we do for our clients. Our solutions are designed to improve communication and medical billing skills while reducing stress and eliminating time-wasting activities that can hold you back. Call today for a FREE billing review or to get started with our consulting services for Plastic Surgery, Orthopedic, and Otolaryngology practices.