Improve Plastic Surgery Practice Billing to Increase Business

outsource medical billing for plastic surgery practicesBuilding a business requires planning a focus. Growing your plastic surgery practice or clinic demands attention in several areas to achieve continued success. Missed revenue opportunities can impact your ability to expand and meet the needs of your patients. Plastic surgery practice billing and surgical chart auditing are just some of the ways that you can stay on top of the work that is being done behind the scenes. Accounting, billing, coding, and payment collections are essential for building a successful practice. New practices, busy clinics, and expanding surgical centers often turn to outside options to keep up with necessary coding and billing. If you have never considered working with a professional team of highly trained and skilled technicians to outsource medical billing, now is the time to take a look at what this service can offer.

Reliable, Dependable Billing

This is the primary reason why many clinics seek outsourced services to augment or replace plastic surgery practice billing. A small office might have one dedicated staff member who works on processing bills and submitting claims. What happens if they get sick or take time off for a vacation? Do you just stop coding and taking care of bills? Other practices have team members who multitask, providing nursing or reception services alongside coding and billing to maximize their time and reduce overhead costs. However, the same problems can occur if that person gets sick or takes time off for a vacation. What will you do while they are gone?

When you outsource medical billing services with MD Pro Solutions, you do not give up control over your billing department, as some might believe; you gain more control over how patient billing is processed. No more worries about sick days, vacation time, understaffing, increased patient flow, or getting behind on submitting claims. Outsourcing means taking your plastic surgery practice billing head-on with a team of professionals whose only job is to process and manage your claims. You can expect to get paid faster, more consistent, and have fewer issues with denied or rejected claims. Outsourcing means paying only for the services that are performed, not having a set overhead cost each month. If they only process a certain number of claims, then you only pay based on the amount processed, unlike in-house billing staff, which gets paid the same each month regardless of the amount of work that gets completed.

Healthcare Consulting Services

Another way that working with MD Pro Solutions will help you to stay on top of billing, surgical chart auditing and overcome missed revenue opportunities is through our professional healthcare consulting services. We can help you to establish a set business manual that can be used to get everything under control in-house to streamline all of your other activities and make sure that everyone is on the same page. A business manual can be used to set policy and ensure consistent services for every patient who comes through your door. A training manual can be used to ensure that everyone, from your front desk staff to administrative employees, knows what is expected from them and the goals of the practice moving forward.

Our team can help you to identify the areas that require the most training and support while confirming the acceptable practices that are being applied successfully. It is essential that your employees know what is expected of them and that there is a guide that will help them pick up the slack if another coworker who usually does a specific task is out for any length of time. All of these efforts will help you to increase the success of your current business model, make plans for future growth, and help you to maintain professional plastic surgery practice billing and collections to keep your business in the black. Training, education, and ongoing support are incredibly crucial to the success of any business that supports a diverse staff. The healthcare industry is continually changing the requirements for plastic surgery practices, so it is more important than ever to ensure everyone in your office is working toward the same goal.

Contact MD Pro Solutions

If you would like to learn more about how to outsource medical billing or obtain third-party services for surgical chart auditing, contact our team. We can help you identify missed revenue opportunities and improve plastic surgery practice billing across the board. Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-853-8110 to speak with one of our highly trained and experienced healthcare industry professionals.