Offside CPA Audits: Healthcare Consultant for Ortho Practices

healthcare-consultant-orthoPractices that hire a consultant to help them improve account management, billing, and administrative services often have a specific area of concern that they want to address. Whether that means increasing receipts, decreasing the number of rejected or denied claims, or streamlining the entire process to be more effective and efficient, MD Pro Solutions can help. We offer a wide range of services for practices and clinics that fall into the ENT, Ortho, and plastic surgery specialties. Clients who need a plastic surgery account specialist, require offside CPA audits for Ortho practices, or hire a consultant for Otolaryngology clinics can benefit from the opportunities provided by our team of experienced medical professionals. Our many years of working with medical billing, coding, and account management across many different areas within the healthcare industry benefit our clients in many ways.

Professional Auditing Services

When you hire MD Pro Solutions as a healthcare consultant for Ortho practices, ENT clinics, or plastic surgery centers, we begin by performing a complete audit of your entire operation. Our goal is to work with you and your team to establish better billing practices, streamline the coding and claims submission process, and improve account management across the board. Once we are able to identify the areas that require the most support, we will create a strategy that involves the implementation of necessary changes, training programs, and improvements. An ongoing system of audits and reviews can be necessary to help you and your team stay on track once we get everything working together in a smooth and cohesive manner. Our audits and reviews are designed to provide you with the insight necessary to determine how effective your account management processes are and what needs help.

Some of the auditing services that we can provide when you hire a consultant for Otolaryngology, plastic surgery, or Orthopedic practices include annual chart auditing and surgical chart auditing. A complete billing review will help our team provide you with the education, training, and support necessary to make improvements to your system and billing processes. Ongoing auditing services will help you ensure that you are meeting your own goals for the day-to-day tasks needed to keep your practice or clinic running with a well-planned, well-run system in place. A complete analysis and update of all medical billing codes, reviews of all forms, medical systems, and billing programs, and offside CPA audits are all used to ensure fraud prevention, increase receipts, and protect your medical practice now and in the future. This approach will help you to run your business more effectively and efficiently while providing you with more time to spend with your patients.

Benefits of Billing Reviews

There are many advantages associated with hiring a third-party healthcare consultant for Ortho practices, ENT clinics, and surgical centers. Industry experts say that medical practices should review their billing operations every two to three years. At MD Pro Solutions, we believe that reviews should occur on an annual basis to make sure that nothing is slipping through the cracks. For most businesses, an external review for billing and collections is considered a necessity, working as a proactive insurance policy for the practice against fraud, income loss, and other issues. In our experience, we have been able to find lost revenue and opportunities in 95 percent of the cases that we review. It can be very frustrating to open a practice, gain new patients, and put in the work, just to see revenue lost simply because the insurance payment gets denied.

At MD Pro Solutions, we firmly believe that billing reviews and offside CPA audits are the best methods to ensure that your practice is capturing all potential revenue while protecting your business from fraud. These are tools that can be used to improve the medical billing and administrative tasks when you hire a consultant for Otolaryngology or a plastic surgery account specialist. The bottom line is that you could be losing thousands of dollars per provider, and you might not even know it without a comprehensive billing review. Working with a team of professionals that offer regular reviews and reports can significantly enhance the services you provide your patients while increasing your billing revenue. Start with a FREE billing review when you call our team at 1-800-853-8110.