Outsource Ortho Billing Services to Reduce the Practice Costs

In the world of business, there are good and bad examples of outsourcing. When you call your credit card company to dispute a charge, and no one seems to speak your language, that can be bad. However, when you work in a fast-paced Orthopedic office where there is no time for billing because there are so many patients to see, outsourcing Ortho billing and coding can be extremely beneficial. If you have been thinking about how to outsource Ortho billing services but weren’t sure where to get started, MD Pro Solutions can help you. We offer clients in the healthcare industry a wide range of services, including ENT billing and coding support, fast and accurate credentialing, Orthopedic account management, and outsourcing services and support for off-site medical billing services.

Streamline Your Practice Workflow

Regardless of the specialty, most busy medical practices would agree that they are always searching for new ways to be more effective and efficient. If we could just add an extra 12-hours to each day, all the work that needs to be done might get completed. Healthcare in a digital world can have its pros and cons. While it is easier to use computers to complete and submit claims to third-party payers, there are also many new regulations, coding requirements, and responsibilities that must be maintained. Like anything else in life, it is essential to choose the service that is the best fit for your business instead of just going for the cheapest option. You want to outsource Ortho billing services to a reputable, responsible, and effective medical billing service that will get results.

Outsourcing can help to reduce administrative duties, leaving you and your team with more time to focus on providing quality patient care. Instead of having to worry about whether the day’s Ortho billing and coding had been done, you can simply focus on the concerns of the patient in front of you. Your entire staff will spend less time monitoring claims, tracking down payments, and keying in information to prepare claims for submission. Since the ICD-9 to ICD-10 transition, many healthcare providers have felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of regulations and requirements imposed upon them by the insurance companies, government entities, and the healthcare industry as a whole. Stop wasting time and outsource Ortho billing services to a responsible and proactive service that will help you to increase receipts and significantly reduce denied or rejected claims.

Outsourcing Saves Money

When you outsource your billing and coding for Orthopedic account management to an outside third-party, you gain the opportunity to save money. While it might not seem to make sense that hiring a service to handle your Ortho billing and coding would actually help you to save, it has been proven to reduce costs in medical practices time and time again. Outsourcing helps to reduce overhead costs for busy practices by eliminating the need to hire specific billing specialists. The costs associated with attracting, hiring, maintaining, training, and paying employees can be substantial. In addition, the cost of keeping up workstations, computers, software, office supplies, and space to house these specialized billing employees can also add up quickly.

When you hire MD Pro Solutions to outsource Ortho billing services, you gain an entire team of highly trained, experienced, and efficient professionals who do nothing all day but focus on processing your billing claims. You no longer have to worry about sick days, vacations, insurance, and other employee benefits. Whenever you need Ortho billing and coding work to be done, someone will always be there to help you achieve your goals. Forget about days off, early clock-outs for appointments, and anything else that might stand in the way of completing the billing tasks for the day. Our team of billing and coding specialists will get the job done without delay.

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