Improve Patient Satisfaction Services for Orthopedic Practices

ortho practice consultingA successful practice brings all of the best methods, training, and systems together to create a comprehensive approach to patient care. Growing and expanding your practice means increasing focus on patient satisfaction services. The more you can do to ensure that your patients are getting the care, support, and customer services they need, the better your reputation will be in the local community. As a specialized medical provider, referrals are essential to gaining new patients at your Orthopedic practice or clinic, so it pays to invest in building a good relationship with general practitioners and family practice offices in the area. A positive record with patients can also increase medical practice revenue that comes from referrals directly through the medical insurance provider. Working with a reputable healthcare consultant for Ortho practices can help you get everything working effectively and efficiently to create an excellent experience for everyone involved.

What Does Billing Have to Do with Patient Care?

While it might seem that a practice that is focused on delivering quality patient care might not need to be as concerned with Ortho medical billing services, they are both symbiotic in nature. The administrative and management work that your practice does to keep consistent and comprehensive patient records, create invoices, submit claims, and collect payments all work together to create a positive experience for patients. Practices and clinics that are not getting paid properly won’t have the funds needed to invest in advanced care options and extras for patients. If you are spending additional hours each week tracking down collections or resubmitting claims that have been rejected or denied, you will have less time available to spend with patients. A professional office that is run properly is a pleasure to visit and work with, translating to improved patient satisfaction services across the board.

It can be extremely helpful to get a complete review of your entire medical billing solution and administrative system to ensure that you are taking advantage of all the benefits associated with your current services. Our team will work with you to suggest the latest financial tools and discuss ways to improve your Ortho medical billing services while assisting in the development and implementation of new patient satisfaction services. If your team requires training, education, and ongoing support, MD Pro Solutions can assist you there as well. We are a full-service healthcare consultant for Ortho practices designed to ensure improved patient services, account receivables management and will help you increase medical practice revenue. All of our services are designed to protect you and your practice from potential liability and negative or time-wasting activities. The less time wasted on bad work habits, the more time you’ll have to spend with patients.

Healthcare Consultant for Ortho Practices

When you consider the chief complaints heard from patients when they file a report or fill in a comment sheet about a provider, most are very similar. Patients appreciate a professionally-run practice that adheres to appointment schedules and ensures that everyone has sufficient time to spend with the physician during consultations and treatments. Professional practices also take care of billing in a timely manner, ensuring that the patient’s insurance company and other third-party payers are effectively and efficiently billed to avoid any problems down the road. Taking care of things like co-payments and deductibles at the beginning of each visit creates a predictable method that patients will come to anticipate and expect when they sign-in at the office. Consistency is critical for a smooth-running office and to provide patients with a secure and comfortable experience.

Other complaints often surround the physician not having up-to-date notes, requiring the patient to have to fill-in information more frequently than needed, or making mistakes because the files are not current. Training, education, and support for staff should also be included with patient satisfaction services alongside Ortho medical billing services programs for a comprehensive approach to improving patient services. You will be surprised to find out that by taking these steps, not only will you have happier patients, get more referrals, positive reviews, and recommendations, but you will also increase medical practice revenue by merely streamlining your daily activities. When every team member is doing their part, your practice will benefit in many different ways. If this sounds like something you need for your Ortho, ENT, or Plastic Surgery practice, contact MD Pro Solutions toll-free at 1-800-853-8110 to schedule a FREE initial evaluation or FREE billing review to get started.