Outsource Medical Billing for ENT, Ortho, and Plastic Surgery

outsource medical coding and billingOne of the best methods to get all of the administrative, billing, and collections tasks under control for a busy Ortho, ENT, or Plastic Surgery practice is to outsource medical billing and coding to a reputable third-party service. The medical billing system you use, along with a wide variety of other factors, can determine the level of success and benefits of medical outsourcing that you can expect to receive. For example, practices that are willing to upgrade to more advanced systems and financial tools when they outsource ENT billing services or services for Plastic Surgery and Orthopedic practices will yield better results than those that choose to stick with older software and methods. If your goal is to increase receipts, streamline your efforts, and improve patient care by freeing up more staff time to take care of patients, outsourcing could be the best solution.

What to Expect When Outsourcing

Working with MD Pro Solutions means having services that are tailor-made to meet the demands, requirements, and needs of your unique practice, clinic, or surgical center. We align our goals with that of our customers to ensure that they are able to maximize their return on investment. The benefits of medical outsourcing can vary from one practice to the next, as the needs of each individual client we serve can be significantly diverse. While you might already be on-track with collecting co-pays and deductibles from your patients prior to a visit, other practices may require additional support, training, and education for front desk staff and administrative department personnel to increase those receipts. On the other hand, if you are seeing a lot of denied or rejected claims, it might be that your billing staff are not up-to-date on the latest requirements for medical billing and coding. Choosing to outsource medical billing and coding can support your efforts in all of these areas.

Our healthcare consultant staff will work with you directly to identify the areas that require the most support. Whether that means changes to your medical billing system, office processes, policies, or the tools that are used for comprehensive record-keeping and patient records will depend on your current practice status. While we will never pressure you to change the software that you use when you outsource ENT billing services, we will offer recommendations of upgrades that can be made to increase and improve your results. We want every client to get the most out of the benefits of medical outsourcing without holding back because of outdated programs and systems. Outsourcing has many advantages that can be used to grow and expand your practice while offering your patients increased services and improved customer service that will help to support a positive reputation for your practice.

Top Reasons to Outsource Medical Billing and Coding

If you are still on the fence about outsourcing billing services for ENT, Ortho, and Plastic Surgery practices, clinics, and centers, there are many reasons that might help you to make a decision. When you work with a team of professional billing and coding experts, you gain years of training, education, experience, and finely tuned skills working on your behalf. Our outsourcing services will reduce billing errors and ensure better compliance with healthcare regulations and insurance company requirements. The relationships that we have established with the insurance companies and third-party payers will work to your advantage to expedite payments and improve cash flow. Outsourcing saves money because it is a fixed cost. Instead of paying the salaries of in-house billing staff regardless of the amount of work that is done, billing service costs are based on the number of claims that are processed and paid.

Another advantage of outsourcing is that it significantly reduces Human Resources (HR) work and coverage issues. No more delays for claims submissions because your billing staff is out sick or on vacation. When you work with MD Pro Solutions, your claims will be submitted effectively and efficiently regardless of who is out sick or takes time off for personal vacations and holidays. Outsourcing also eliminates much of the ongoing training required for staff to keep up with the latest ICD-10 coding regulations and healthcare industry changes. As a result, when you outsource medical billing and coding, you also reduce payroll taxes and overhead costs, free up much-needed space, and have the ability to improve reporting and benchmarking across the board.

To learn more about the services available to outsource ENT billing services, Orthopedic practices, and Plastic Surgery clinics, contact MD Pro Solutions directly by calling toll-free 1-800-853-8110. You can also visit our website to request a FREE billing review to help you get started and identify potential issues with your current medical billing system.