How to Increase Revenue and Protect Plastic Surgery Practices

surgeon standing outdoors with water and mountain sceneryStudies reveal that many medical practices aren’t making the profits they should because of inadequate medical billing services and claims submission skills. Education and training for staff are essential to ensure that Plastic Surgery practices and other specialties get paid the money they have earned through proper insurance verification, coding, and collections. There are many benefits associated with hiring an outside third-party source to perform an audit or billing review of your practice. Experts say that medical practices should review their billing operation every 24-36 months. However, it is recommended that you do a billing review for best results at least once a year.

What a Billing Review Can Do

Hiring a company like MD Pro Solutions to perform an external review of your billing and collections department is considered by many to be a necessity. In many ways, reviews of medical billing services and practices can serve as a sort of insurance policy, providing valuable insight into the inner workings of billing management. While carrying out the FREE billing reviews that we offer at MD Pro Solutions, we have discovered lost revenue and missed opportunities in 95 percent of the cases. This can be extremely frustrating to physicians, and practice managers who have essentially done all the work yet did not get paid for their services.

Denied payments, rejected claims, and unpaid bills can seriously impact the revenue and success of any practice. Your practice could be losing thousands of dollars per provider each year, but without a proper billing review, you might not even know it was happening. There are many benefits associated with getting a FREE billing review. If your operation does not seem to be seeing an increase in profits, even with a growing list of patients and referrals, something is going wrong. It is essential to capture revenue and work diligently to improve all of the tasks associated with medical coding and billing for Plastic Surgery practices and clinics. Education and training for staff, as well as ongoing coding support and outsourced billing services, are just some of the ways we can help you to achieve your goals.

A Win-Win Billing Situation

Streamlining your operation to improve medical billing services can have some beneficial side effects. Eliminating time-wasting practices, getting staff up-to-date on the latest healthcare industry regulations, and making sure front desk staff performs insurance verification prior to setting appointments can make a significant impact on results. Our billing review and professional services are designed to help you enhance the services you provide your patients while boosting your billing revenue. We provide our clients with a complete review of their entire medical billing services solutions to ensure they are taking advantage of all the benefits associated with the services that they use. While we do not pressure our clients to switch billing programs, we will suggest all of the latest financial tools and programs that can improve the medical billing software experience through education, training, and support.

Once training is complete, our team will follow up with in-house medical staff to ensure that solid practices are in place that will provide improved patient services and account receivables management. These services are designed to help physicians and busy practice managers to reduce the amount of time spent collecting account receivables, processing claims, and worrying about cash flow. We can implement new practices and procedures that will help to boost employee morale, increase productivity, and reduce paperwork for the practice as a whole. We offer detailed monthly reports and ongoing client support to ensure that you are able to make better management decisions through improved data and practice information. We provide complete confidentiality for each client and their patients every step of the way to protect your practice.

A Customer-Focused Approach

Our proven methods for developing custom programs for our clients can maximize the benefits you receive from offering education and training for staff. We take a customer-focused approach to every engagement that we have with our clients to improve communications and billing skills while reducing stress and time-wasting activities. Our success has come from using the latest tools and program options available to enhance your staff’s efforts while boosting your current medical billing services and programs’ abilities. If you would like to learn more about MD Pro Solutions and the services that we offer, or if you are interested in getting a FREE Billing Review, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-851-8110 and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable consultants.