Outsource Medical Billing: Efficient & Effective Practices

One of the fastest ways to make your medical practice more efficient and effective is to outsource medical billing to a reputable, third-party service. MD Pro Solutions offers a wide range of services to our clients, including education and training, online support, reporting and communications, and various consulting services. We create custom solutions for each client based on their individual needs and requirements. Outsourcing billing ENT services, Orthopedic billing and coding services, and Plastic Surgery billing services can help to maximize the amount of time that you have to spend with patients while removing a considerable amount of stress and anxiety from the workplace.

Instead of dedicating hours of time each week to properly coding and filling out claims, just to have them get returned, rejected, or denied can be extremely frustrating. Our team can take on this task for you and provide you with the freedom to expand and grow your business while ensuring top-notch patient care at your practice. There are many reasons why outsourcing is beneficial to physicians and practice managers. Stop worrying about your accounts receivable, and let our highly trained and experienced team of professional coders and claims specialists do it for you.

Save Time & Money

One of the most significant reasons why so many practices are outsourcing billing ENT services is that it helps them save time and money. Outsourcing can reduce billing errors and ensure that you get paid quickly for the work that you have done. Outsourcing also saves money and is a fixed cost. Instead of paying salary and benefits for an employee five days a week regardless of the results, you can pay based on the payments you receive from the insurance companies. We have tied our success to yours. If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid. As a result, outsourcing billing and coding services can improve cash flow and increase revenue across the board.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

With more time to spend on patient care and making other improvements around the practice, you will see a significant change in patient satisfaction for the work that you perform. Outsourcing also ensures better compliance and helps your medical practice collection goals to be aligned with your billing company. Instead of having to chase down patients and insurance companies for payments, MD Pro Solutions will do it for you. As a result, the paperwork included with our professional medical billing services helps to improve your overall record-keeping, reporting and benchmarking. You will have all of the data you need for financial and tracking services delivered to you in a monthly report. If you require more frequent reports, we can provide those as well.

Boosts Employee Morale

Happy staff usually translates to a more positive and friendly experience for your patients. Boosting employee morale comes easy when you outsource medical billing, as it removes one of the most frustrating and time-consuming tasks from the office. Outsourcing helps to reduce work for your human resources department and eliminates a majority of essential coverage issues. No longer doing the coding and billing in-house means the elimination of training and retraining of staff. By removing the billing department from your practice, you can free up much-needed space for employee offices, breakrooms, storage, or additional rooms to see patients. All of these benefits can help to boost employee morale by making it easier to complete daily tasks.

Why Choose MD Pro Solutions?

There are a lot of choices available when it comes to outsourcing billing ENT services and coding services for Ortho and Plastic Surgery practices. We provide total transparency with monthly reports reviewed in-person or via video conference to reduce the amount of time spent thinking about billing services. We partner with each client to establish a team-like environment to work with each practice according to their needs to help them achieve their goals. We offer reconciliation of all cash transactions to prevent any potential fraud. Our proven methods can help any practice make marked improvements to their approach to billing and collection techniques to get results.

Get a FREE estimate for our services or contact our team by calling toll-free at 1-800-853-8110 to speak with a representative about your needs. Our many years of experience working in professional medical billing, consulting, education, training, and support can work to your advantage when you hire MD Pro Solutions to outsource medical billing for your practice. Call today to learn more about our services or to schedule a FREE billing review.