Should You Hire a Healthcare Consultant for Ortho Practices?

Running the day-to-day activities of a busy Orthopedic practice can be overwhelming without a proper plan for managing everything from staff to billing and beyond. Depending on your situation, it might be in your best interest to hire a healthcare consultant for Ortho practice who can provide insight that can be used to improve practice management and operations. At MD Pro Solutions, we provide office management consulting services for Orthopedic, Otolaryngology, and Plastic Surgery practices and clinics. Our many years of experience and knowledge in the medical billing and administrative industry can be used to help improve practice management and compliance across the board. The good news is that we do not pressure our clients to switch billing providers or outsource Ortho medical billing services with our organization, but we do work to ensure that they are using their current software and programs to their full potential.

Do You Have Delays in Payments?

One sign that hiring a healthcare consultant for Ortho practices might be right for you is experiencing frequent delays in payments. When it comes to receiving payments from insurance companies and other third-party payers, the number one reason for delays or denied payments is billing errors. Our team of highly trained and experienced billing and coding experts can work with you and your staff to provide training, education, and support designed to eliminate coding and processing errors. The healthcare industry has changed significantly in recent years, particularly in the area of coding and filing claims with providers. Our methods can help you boost revenue, reduce or eliminate denied or rejected claims, improve cash flow, and ensure better billing and coding compliance.

Do You Have Difficulty Collecting Patient Payments?

In addition to providing a professional assessment of your Ortho medical billing services, our office management consulting services can also help with front desk training. Your staff needs to work together in order to maximize revenue. In addition to training on the latest requirements for your billing department and administrative staff, we can also provide education and support for your front office staff. We can review all forms, systems, and programs currently in use and show your team how to increase receipts through charge capture, coding help, and no-show rates. Insurance verification, collection of co-payments and deductibles, and training that can help streamline the whole process will ensure that every area of your office is working toward the same goal.

Do You Need to Improve Patient Satisfaction?

Believe it or not, one way to make your patients feel more comfortable and satisfied with the services that they are receiving is to have your office run like a well-oiled machine. Patients know which practices have issues with organization and management. We can help you establish a well-planned, well-run system that will make it easier to keep it all under control. Our goal is to provide the tools and training necessary to allow you to keep your focus on what matters most: taking care of your patients. We can offer solutions designed to streamline the billing management process to reduce stress, create a happier work environment, and boost staff morale. Our services are designed to ensure that every member of your staff is working effectively and efficiently to maximize your earning potential and increase patient satisfaction whenever and wherever possible.

Do You Want to Protect Your Business?

Your medical practice is a business. Sometimes physicians and other medical staff lose sight of that as their focus rests firmly on providing care, treatment, and services to patients. However, if you do not improve practice management and place at least some focus on Ortho medical billing services, you won’t have enough cash flow to keep your doors open and continue caring for your patients. When you hire a healthcare consultant for Ortho practices at MD Pro Solutions, you gain the decades of knowledge, experience, and skills that our team possesses to help you protect your business. Protect it from what, you might ask? Issues with compliance, improper coding, delays in payments, and problems with other areas of your operation might put your practice in jeopardy. We can provide a system of audits and reviews designed to make sure that you and your team stay on track. In addition to our initial assessment, training, and support, we can also offer annual chart auditing, surgical chart auditing, credentialing, recredentialing, monthly reports, custom data options, and more to help you stay in control.

Contact MD Pro Solutions to learn more about what we can do to help you improve practice management and boost revenue for the betterment of your business. Call toll-free 1-800-853-8110 to speak with a healthcare consultant for Ortho practices about your concerns and needs. We can offer a FREE Billing Review to help get the ball rolling and identify the areas where assistance is required.