Plastic Surgery Medical Billing: Boost Revenue & Collections

Are you getting everything that is owed to you for the work you do in your medical practice? Many physicians either do not know the answer to that question or suspect that they are getting shorted somewhere along the line. It is possible to increase medical practice revenue while protecting your business from potential fraud and other plastic surgery medical billing risks when you work with MD Pro Solutions. We work as a specialized healthcare consultant for plastic surgery clinics, ENT practices, and Orthopedic offices to provide the services, education, training, and support necessary to help our clients improve the success of their billing procedures and to increase revenue.

A Solid Reputation

With more than 45 years of experience working in the medical administration and billing industry, MD Pro Solutions has been able to make significant improvements for our clients through the use of proprietary accounts receivable protocols and revenue generation applications. Our solutions are designed specifically for clients who work in the specialties of ENT, Orthopedic, and Plastic Surgery medical billing. We offer a wide range of tools, resources, enhanced education opportunities, and ongoing support, working directly with our clients to help them achieve their goals. We focus on our work as a healthcare consultant for plastic surgery clinics, as well as ENT and Ortho practices, to target the unique needs and requirements of these very specialized fields.

As a result, the services that we offer achieve even greater success than if we were to provide broad spectrum solutions for medical billing, administration, and management as a whole. We do not require our clients to change their medical billing services. Our goal is to work with each client on a case-by-case basis to ensure that they maximize the full potential of the system that they currently work with or consult with them on finding the best solution if they are seeking to make a change. In the first year alone, our clients have been able to increase revenue by at least ten percent, with many achieving even greater results. Apply our many years of experience working with private practices, group practices, clinics, and hospitals to increase medical practice revenue and protect your business.

Additional Services

In addition to helping our clients streamline their billing processes to boost revenue and prevent missed opportunities, we also offer other services designed to make improvements in other areas. We offer fast and accurate credentialing and recredentialing, education and training, online support, and other services as a healthcare consultant for plastic surgery clinics. We work as a strategic partner with each client at many different levels to achieve mutual success. Our team provides daily cash reconciliations to ensure our cash receipts are being deposited and accounted for properly. Total transparency is paramount to our success at MD Pro Solutions. The transition and implementation process for our services is designed to be smooth and will not interrupt the practice dynamics or cash flow through proper planning and execution.

One of the most significant advantages to choosing to work with MD Pro Solutions to increase medical practice revenue for plastic surgery billing is our ability to provide clients with reports and communications to ensure customer satisfaction. We can deliver a variety of comprehensive standard monthly reports and can produce specific data about your account management services on-demand. Our consulting and outsourcing services may be limited by the software system that you currently use, as well as the potential access made available to your core data. We believe strongly that communication between our team and your staff is paramount to your success. We can create a scheduled system of reporting and communications that will provide you with the information you need without adding to your already busy schedule.

Learn More About MD Pro Solutions

If you would like to learn more about our services or speak with one of our consultants about your needs, contact our team today by calling 1-800-853-8110. We provide a wide range of professional services to clients who serve the ENT, Orthopedic, and Plastic Surgery specialties and can help you to get your account management running effectively and efficiently. Call today to get a FREE Billing Review that can help you to identify the areas that require the most support.