Online Support Help and Training for Plastic Surgery Staff

A well-planned, well-run system must be in place to keep everything under control at your Plastic Surgery practice, clinic, or surgical center. At MD Pro Solutions, we help our clients take charge of their day-to-day tasks for billing management and offer complete training for plastic surgery staff. Everyone from the front desk to the billing department can take advantage of our training and education services to create a more streamlined, efficient, and effective practice. Our goal is to provide each client with the ability to keep their focus on taking care of patients without having to worry about all of the details relating to billing management. We begin by providing a professional assessment of the current medical billing system to ensure that you are taking advantage of all the benefits and opportunities it has to offer.

Prepare for Healthcare Industry Changes

It seems as though changes to regulations and requirements for physicians and practice managers have been occurring more frequently in recent years. However, the medical industry is constantly evolving, changing, and expanding to best meet the needs of the patients and the growing healthcare industry. Recent changes to medical billing and coding requirements, as well as recently imposed federal regulations, have made billing management for many physicians and clinics a veritable nightmare. Our team can assist you in navigating these murky waters by providing your staff with regular education and training updates, as well as continued online support help. Don’t become a victim of the changing economic times in healthcare. Our professional consultancy service can help to improve your staff’s ability to provide accurate and timely medical billing services designed to save you time and money.

We will work with you and your office staff to ensure that your practice is working as efficiently and effectively as possible. We can even maximize your earning potential while not disrupting your practice in the process. Scheduled billing reviews can be provided for ongoing billing management, training and education services for front office staff, and a complete analysis and update of all medical billing codes will help to keep you on the right track. We can even review all forms, medical systems, and billing programs currently in use – and we will never pressure you to switch to a different software program in order to work with our team. We can assist in increasing receipts through charge capture, coding help, and no-show rates. MD Pro Solutions ensures fraud prevention through the use of offside audits performed by a CPA to protect your business.

Why Choose MD Pro Solutions?

There are a lot of healthcare consultants and billing services out there for you to choose from, but MD Pro Solutions is committed to working with clients who serve the Plastic Surgery, Ortho, and ENT specialties. By limiting the different types of clients we work with, we are able to focus on developing proprietary services and programs designed specifically for the needs of our clients. We are different than other services in that we offer total transparency through meaningful, useful monthly reports and establish a team-like environment to work with you and your team to achieve improved results. We form a true partnership with you and your staff to provide ongoing consultancy services, education, training, and support.

Some of the ways that we provide valuable support to our clients include a daily external audit through reconciliation of all cash transactions to prevent fraud, productivity benchmarks, and other optional services. We can help to enhance your revenue by optimizing your coding, and re-working claims to capture additional revenue. We provide our clients with proven services that feature a unique approach to billing and collection techniques that gets results. MD Pro Solutions understands that the only way to stay on top of plastic surgery billing services is to have a firm grasp of the medical insurance industry and keep up with training and education services. We provide reliable online support help in addition to training for plastic surgery staff to ensure your office runs effectively and efficiently.

If you would like to learn more about our services or get a FREE Billing Review, contact MD Pro Solutions by calling toll-free 1-800-853-8110 or use our online CONTACT form to reach out to one of our team members.