Ortho Medical Billing Services: Missed Revenue Opportunities

There’s nothing worse than discovering that your business has experienced missed revenue opportunities. Whether it was due to a mistake made in Orthopedic practice billing or as a result of poor record-keeping habits, the result is always the same. One way to ensure that you are not losing money or missing out on ways to generate revenue within your medical business is to hire a healthcare consultant for Ortho practices who has years of experience working within your own specialty. At MD Pro Solutions, we offer a wide range of Ortho medical billing services, including consultations, to help our clients achieve their goals, maximize their revenues, and ensure that they aren’t missing out on any opportunities within their practice, clinic, or surgical center.

A FREE Billing Review

The best way to get started with MD Pro Solutions is to take us up on our offer for a free billing review. There are many advantages to getting a regular assessment of your Orthopedic practice billing. Industry experts believe that all practices should get an external review every two to three years. Many believe that a review acts as an insurance policy for a medical practice, ensuring that billing and collections are being performed properly. As we carry out these free reviews for our clients and prospective customers, we have been able to identify lost revenue or missed revenue opportunities in 95 percent of the cases. This can be extremely frustrating for a physician to do all of the work only to get a denied payment, rejected claim, or receive a reduced amount of payment.

In our experience, many Ortho medical billing services departments are losing thousands of dollars per provider each year, and they don’t even have a clue. Our mission is to identify these common issues as a healthcare consultant for Ortho practices and help our customers to get back on track and start raking in those payments. Denied claims, missing payments, delayed payments, and partial claims approvals will ultimately hurt your Orthopedic practice in the long run. Stop accepting these missed revenue opportunities and consider partnering up with our team of industry experts to ensure that you are maximizing your current medical billing system to its full potential. Our FREE billing review will help to identify the areas that require the most support so you can focus on providing quality care to your patients.

What We Do

When you hire MD Pro Solutions to work as a healthcare consultant for Ortho practices, we can help you to ensure that you are capturing revenue and assist you in enhancing and improving the day-to-day tasks that your team is providing. Even if you are outsourcing your Ortho medical billing services to a third party, we can ensure that you are getting all of the services you have paid for and that you are being properly represented. A complete billing review will identify issues with your current billing service operation and ensure that you are taking advantage of all the associated benefits. We may suggest the latest tools and financial options to help you improve your medical billing software experience.

Our team will provide you and your staff with all of the training, education, and support necessary to ensure that you no longer have missed revenue opportunities. We specialize in Orthopedic practice billing, so we can offer unique support options that will help you achieve your goals. We will follow up with you and your team to ensure that solid medical billing practices are in place that will improve your billing services across the board. Our solutions can help you to reduce the amount of time collecting and processing account receivables, processing claims, and worrying about cash flow. Our practices, procedures, and tips will help you eliminate a lot of unnecessary paperwork and streamline your account management processes. We guarantee complete confidentiality for you, the client, and your patients.

Contact MD Pro Solutions by calling toll-free 1-800-853-8110 and speak with one of our team members about your needs for Ortho medical billing services education and support. We have worked as a healthcare consultant for Ortho practices, ENT practices, and Plastic Surgery clinics for many years. Call today and get your FREE billing review or schedule a comprehensive consultation with one of our team members.