Healthcare Consulting Services for Orthopedic Practice Billing

Making the decision to hire a professional to provide support for medical billing and coding services can be difficult. While you understand that you need to make some strategic changes, there are valid concerns that the service provider might push changes that you are not ready or willing to make. MD Pro Solutions is different. We specialize in finding solutions for our clients who work in the fields of Ortho, ENT, and Plastic Surgery. Our healthcare consulting services are designed to work with your existing medical billing system to ensure that you are getting the most out of the program that you already use. If you want to make a change, we can assist you in finding the best possible options, but we will never pressure you to change your current Ortho medical billing services.

Proven Methods, Training, and Support

The secret to our success at MD Pro Solutions is that we treat each client as an individual. Every practice is different and therefore requires a unique approach when it comes to our healthcare consulting services. Our many years of experience working within the medical industry as practice administrators and medical billing and coding services providers have helped us to remain on the cutting edge of the resources, methods, tools, and techniques required to successfully navigate the ever-changing requirements of Orthopedic practice billing. We offer our clients total transparency through meaningful and useful monthly reports, which can be reviewed in-person or via video conference. We establish a strategic partnership to ensure a team-like environment to work with you and your staff to achieve improved results across the board.

In addition to healthcare consulting services, we also offer training, education, and ongoing support for all of your Ortho medical billing services needs. We can even provide temporary or long-term outsourced Orthopedic practice billing to help you get back on track and recover from issues surrounding billing and coding issues. We are not just medical billers but genuinely act as partners or consultants with the clients that we serve. Many of our senior staff has extensive medical management backgrounds or have worked for many years as certified coders. We will work with you to establish productivity benchmarks and targets for your practice by the provider, which are calculated, measured, and analyzed monthly. We can even assist you in enhancing your revenue by optimizing your coding and reworking claims to capture additional or missed revenue. Our methods are proven and utilize a unique approach to billing and collections that get results.

The High Cost of Denied Claims

Many physicians and practice administrators do not understand the ramifications of denied claims. When a practice receives a denied claim from an insurance provider or other third-party payer, it is a sign that something is wrong with the current medical billing and coding services approach. Mistakes can and do happen, but a sudden increase in denied, rejected, and reduced payment claims could be a warning that there is more going on behind the scenes. Having to deal with denied claims disrupts the flow of work within the office and directly impacts your reimbursement. Denials currently represent approximately 90 percent of the missed revenue opportunities that we see as healthcare consulting services at MD Pro Solutions. Studies show that roughly 4 percent of all claims submitted are denied. If your in-house percentage is greater than 4 percent, you may require professional support.

Even worse, the healthcare industry has revealed that more than 65 percent of all denied claims never get reworked or reimbursed, meaning that the physician and clinic have lost out on payments that they have earned through treatment of patients and other patient services. Even when the claim is reworked, it is estimated that clinics spend $118 on average to rework the denied claim due to the amount of time and effort it takes by the billing department employee to follow up on the claim. Sadly, the average physician or surgeon will lose approximately $40,000 each year in denied claims. We offer each client a free billing review opportunity, which can help to identify missed revenue opportunities, including denied or rejected claims. You could be losing thousands of dollars per provider each year and not even know it unless you submit to an Orthopedic practice billing review. If you are interested in learning more about our Ortho medical billing services, educational programs, and support, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-853-8110.