Better Practice Organization to Improve Account Management

One of the best ways to improve the operations of any type of office is to apply better organizational methods. This is especially true in a busy medical practice where there are so many things that must be done in a day, and each member of the team often juggles various duties. Without an organized plan or strategy in place, many essential office tasks – including medical billing and coding services – could potentially fall by the wayside. Patient care must always be a top priority for busy plastic surgery practices, so it is crucial to improve account management through better organization and ongoing education and training for staff.

Prioritize and Control Your Schedule

If you cannot master your own schedule for appointments, staff, and essential office tasks, you will not stay in business for very long. The first thing you need to do is to create a list of priorities. Establishing a daily to-do list for your medical practice can be an excellent way to determine everything that needs to be accomplished. This can be a handwritten list, an electronic schedule, or something that you work on with multiple members of your staff. Knowing what needs to be done – and who needs to do it – can help to ensure that nothing important gets overlooked.

Staying on top of your calendar is also an essential task that should be done to ensure that no crucial deadlines are missed. This includes recredentialing, education and training for staff, financial reports, project milestones, board meetings, and practice requirements. A central calendar should be created and added to as new reminders and dates become available. You can include all holidays, planned events, and other strategic goals to keep everything under control. This is a great way to improve account management, stay on top of medical billing and coding services, and grow plastic surgery practices.

Streamline Your Efforts

Consider all of the ways that time is wasted in your office on a regular basis. If you aren’t sure where these time-sucking issues lie, you may want to hire a healthcare consultant like MD Pro Solutions to assist. Sometimes it takes an outside third-party consultant to see where improvements can be made to your medical practice or clinic. Open-door policies that cause constant interruptions from staff can prevent even the most organized office manager from getting their work done. Education and training for staff can eliminate many common questions and issues, leaving you with more time to focus on medical coding and billing services, patient care, and other activities to improve account management and practice organization.

Establish a filing system that will allow you the freedom to address the most critical issues first and still maintain control over other items that require your attention when you are able to handle them directly. As mail comes in, including postal mail and electronic email, sort each item into categories such as “do it now,” “do it later,” or “file and save.” This will help you prioritize the things that demand immediate resolutions or attention without becoming bogged down by the things that are not urgent. If you receive paperwork or email that belongs to other departments, make sure to hand it off right away rather than allowing it to sit on your desk or in your inbox. Get rid of any paperwork that does not need to be filed and saved, including duplicates, SPAM messages, and other sales contacts.

Consider Outsourcing Services

One way that many busy plastic surgery practices are able to stay on top of essential duties like medical billing and coding services is to outsource them to reliable service providers. MD Pro Solutions can assist you with a wide variety of services and support, including education and training for staff or outsourced billing services to improve account management. Give us a call at 1-800-853-8110 to speak with one of our friendly customer service agents about ways to improve your medical practice operations. We offer services to clients who specialize in the areas of Otolaryngology, Orthopedics, and Plastic Surgery to provide comprehensive and focused results. Call today to get a FREE billing review or to schedule a consultation with one of our professional healthcare consultants.