Benefits of ENT Practices Outsourcing Medical Billing Services

benefits of ENT outsourcing medical billingWhen you start thinking about whether or not to outsource ENT billing to a third-party provider, it can be overwhelming to consider all of the pros and cons. While most physicians are taught in medical school to keep billing in-house in order to maintain control, the truth is that when you work with a trusted provider for outsourcing medical billing services, you actually gain more control over the administrative end of your business. After all, running a medical practice is running a business. Otolaryngology billing services might be provided better through an outside source, offering you and your staff more time to focus on the most critical work at hand: taking care of patients. At MD Pro Solutions, professional medical billing and support services are performed by highly trained, experienced, and certified individuals who have worked for many years in the medical billing industry. You can rest assured that your claims will be submitted properly using the latest coding requirements and techniques to increase revenue and protect your business from costly errors.

Outsourcing Saves Time and Money

This might sound crazy, but you can actually lower your overhead concerning Otolaryngology billing services when you outsource with MD Pro Solutions. Considering all of the costs associated with having dedicated in-house staff for professional medical billing really adds up fast. First, you need to recruit and hire qualified individuals that must then be paid a salary or hourly wage, along with benefits, sick leave, holiday pay, insurance, workers’ compensation, and payroll. Then you need to have workstations, computers, software, and office supplies in-house specifically for the purpose of medical billing services. This takes up valuable space at your office that could be used to provide patient care, increase waiting room space, or create a breakroom for your busy medical staff.

Outsourcing medical billing services is extremely cost-effective in contrast to in-house billing. For one, you won’t be paying for staff to work on your billing services even when they are sick, on vacation, or otherwise unable to complete their duties. You only pay for the claims that are submitted and paid by the insurance provider. When you work with MD Pro Solutions to outsource ENT billing, you also significantly reduce the amount of time that you and your staff need to be concerned with medical billing. This can streamline all of the other efforts of your office, including front office staff, administrative team members, practice managers, and physicians. Outsourcing helps the medical practice collection goals to be aligned with that of the billing company. We have one shared goal, and that is to ensure that you get paid for the work that you do.

Outsourcing Improves Cash Flow and Compliance

How many denied, rejected, or delayed claims have you experienced in the past 30-days? How many unpaid claims do you have in the past year? Outsourcing medical billing services means not having to worry about billing errors that can cause claims to be denied or rejected because they will be processed by a team of professionals whose sole focus is on effectively submitting claims on your behalf. Our Otolaryngology billing services are designed to ensure better compliance, which protects your business from potential fraud and offers a level of audit oversight due to the separation of duties. Professional medical billing can be a strong asset for your medical practice, helping you to increase revenue and open up cash flow to help you grow and build your business to serve your patients better.

In addition to the services we provide with outsourcing medical billing services for our clients, we also offer a wide range of reporting and benchmarking support that can be used to help you make informed decisions as you move forward. We can create a scheduled system of reporting and communications that will provide you with the data you need without adding any burdens to your already busy schedule. Our overall goal is to give each client more time to focus on their patients and practice while spending less time on account management and the medical billing process. If you would like to learn more about how we are able to accomplish this and deliver comprehensive Otolaryngology billing services, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-853-8110.