Medical Practice Protection and Professional Billing Support

medical practice protection for specialistsA common mistake in the medical world is physicians who neglect to treat their practice as a business. Without the proper management, billing, and payments for services rendered, your practice could be out of business before it really even gets started. For most doctors, the specialty that they have chosen to practice is a calling, whether they go into Orthopedics, Otolaryngology, or Plastic Surgery. The desire to help patients and provide quality care is admirable, but without professional billing support and medical practice protection services, it is impossible to stay operational and keep providing patient services. A good practice manager can be helpful, as well as outsourcing billing services and working with a reputable third party to assist with offside CPA audits, credentialing, and other essential services. MD Pro Solutions offers a wide range of professional opportunities for physicians, practices, and clinics to help them achieve their goals and protect the integrity of their business.

Hire a Healthcare Consultant

When you work with our team to address your specific needs and look for ways to make improvements to the day-to-day tasks involved in running an Ortho, ENT, or Plastic Surgery practice, you gain a lot of benefits that can help you take your patient care services to the next level. We start by providing a comprehensive review of your entire operation, including medical billing and coding, patient forms, claims procedures, and staff training. Our services are designed to help you reduce the amount of time spent on collecting account receivables and processing claims, whether you decide to go with outsourcing billing services or not. We never pressure our clients to change their software programs in order to work with MD Pro Solutions. However, we will suggest the latest financial tools and talk about the different ways that you can improve your medical billing software experience through better training, education, and support.

There are many ways that we can help to provide medical practice protection. The use of detailed monthly reports and ongoing client support are just the beginning. We provide complete confidentiality for you, the client, and your patients. MD Pro Solutions takes a customer-focused approach to every engagement that we have with our clients, working to develop a customized program that is designed to improve communications and medical billing skills while reducing stress and avoiding time-wasting activities. Our team uses the latest tools and software available to enhance the efforts of your staff, including your front desk team, to boost the abilities of your current medical billing program. We can assist you in implementing new practices and procedures designed to boost morale, increase productivity, and reduce paperwork for you and your team.

How to Protect Your Practice

Many of the services that we provide act as a form of medical practice protection to help you maintain and grow your business in the future. Our free billing review acts as an insurance policy for your practice and should be performed every two to three years. While carrying out these reviews for new clients, we have been able to identify lost revenue and missed opportunities in 95 percent of the cases. Protecting your practice means preventing denied or rejected claims, which could mean the loss of thousands of dollars per provider each year. A billing review can help you to have a better view and understanding of your billing procedures and results to enhance the services you provide your patients while boosting your billing revenue.

We also perform a variety of audits and reviews designed to help our clients establish better billing practices and to improve account management. We work with you and your team to implement any necessary changes and improvements for Ortho, ENT, and Plastic Surgery practices and continue providing a system of audits and reviews to ensure that you stay on track. In addition to our initial assessment, we also provide annual chart auditing, surgical chart auditing, and independent third-party auditing through a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to protect your business from any possible issues. Medical practice protection is instrumental in the future success of your business. We also offer other methods that you can use to grow and protect your practice or clinic, including professional billing support, education, and training, as well as outsourcing billing services. If you would like to learn more about all that we can do for you and your practice, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-853-8110.