Top 10 Reasons to Outsource Otolaryngology Billing Services

top reasons to outsource medical billingWhen it comes to outsourcing billing ENT services to a professional third-party provider, there are many more than ten reasons why you should take the plunge. ENT billing and coding services take up most of any practice’s business day, taking valuable staff away from the essential services they could provide to your patients. Answering phone calls, sending faxes, and taking care of other services for patient accounts are just some of the things that your team could be doing instead of spending hours each day on Otolaryngology billing services. At MD Pro Solutions, we understand that the only way to get the most out of your billing service is to stay on top of the latest coding requirements, industry, and government regulations, and insurance provider preferences. Our billing team is 100 percent dedicated to working with ENT billing and coding – they are not required to do anything else. Their focus is solely on your accounts, your claims, and making sure you get paid.

Reason #1 – Outsourcing Reduces Billing Errors

We ensure that every member of our billing team is up to date with the latest training and industry requirements to guarantee the accuracy of every claim that we file. This significantly reduces errors and eliminates many of the busy practices’ issues because they cannot spare team members for regular training.

Reason #2 – Outsourcing Saves You Money

This is one of the most surprising aspects of outsourcing billing ENT services. You actually save money when outsourcing because you don’t have to hire dedicated billing team members or have a dedicated office, workstation, computer, and software specifically for their use. This reduces HR paperwork, costs for insurance, holidays, sick days, and benefits, significantly positively impacting your budget. When you outsource ENT billing, it is a fixed cost based on the amount of money collected for the claims that our team has processed.

Reason #3 – Outsourcing Can Increase Revenue

Just like our team of healthcare consultants can uncover missed revenue and opportunities with a free billing review, our team of highly trained billing professionals can help boost revenue with better practices, attention to detail, and in-depth knowledge of billing codes. Our close work with all the major insurance providers can also improve your experience, as we know how they prefer the claims to be filed to expedite processing and maximize results.

Reason #4 – Outsourcing Ensures Better Compliance

Rejected and denied claims don’t just hurt you financially but can signify other compliance issues that might need to be investigated. Outsourcing ENT billing and coding can help your practice stay compliant and eliminate any potential issues concerning your billing practices.

Reason #5 – Outsourcing Aligns Collection Goals

At MD Pro Solutions, we only get paid when you get paid. That being said, it is in our best interest to ensure that you get paid for the claims submitted promptly and to the fullest amount. This puts us on the same team and ensures that our goals and your goals are aligned.

Reason #6 – Outsourcing Reduces HR Work and Coverage Issues

No more lost billing days because an administrative employee or dedicated billing department member was on vacation or out sick. Our team works every day without sick days or holidays to ensure that your claims are processed right away without delay.

Reason #7 – Outsourcing Eliminates Training

While your front desk staff and medical team might still require training, you won’t have to worry about sending your billing team for training because we do all of that in-house for every member of our staff. We are always on top of the latest coding, industry, and insurance provider requirements.

Reason #8 – Outsourcing Frees Up Space

What would you do with all of that space should you eliminate billing from your practice? Would you have room for more extensive supply storage or even new space for an extra exam room?

Reason #9 – Outsourcing Improves Reporting

We can create a scheduled system of reporting and communications that will provide you with the information you need without adding any burdens to your already busy schedule.

Reason #10 – Outsourcing Includes a Level of Audit Oversight

By the mere separation of duties between your practice and our Otolaryngology billing services, outsourcing establishes a practical level of audit oversight to protect your practice from fraud.

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