Outsourcing Medical Billing: ENT, Ortho, and Plastic Surgery

outsourcing medical billingOne of the fastest ways to streamline the administrative department at your medical practice is to outsource your medical billing services to a third-party provider. MD Pro Solutions offers our clients a wide range of services, including training, education, and support. However, we can also assist by outsourcing ENT billing, Orthopedic billing, and Plastic Surgery billing services. When you outsource billing and coding services and remove them from your practice or clinic, you create an instant level of oversight due to the separation of duties. For many physicians, the benefits of outsourcing make it extremely attractive, especially because it can help them to save time and money while reducing the stress and workload at the office.

The Benefits of Outsourcing

When you work with a reputable organization like MD Pro Solutions to outsource billing and coding for your medical practice, it can significantly reduce or eliminate billing errors. We have a team of highly trained and experienced certified medical coders who work for us to help our clients achieve all of their billing goals. Outsourcing helps to reduce overhead and is a fixed cost, as you only pay for the claims that have been paid by the insurance companies and other payers. Outsourcing can help to improve cash flow, establish a steady stream of income for paid claims and collections, increasing revenue for your practice. A medical practice is a business, after all, and should be treated as such.

Another way that ENT, Ortho, and Plastic Surgery practices and clinics benefit from outsourcing medical billing services is that it ensures better compliance. Outsourcing can help your medical practice goals to be more aligned with your billing company, as we only get paid when you get paid. We are truly all in this together! Outsourcing ENT billing and other types of specialty medical practice billing can provide many surprising advantages to help you grow and expand your practice without having to worry about making sure your billing department is doing its job. All our billing team does is process claims, so we have direct connections with all the major insurance companies and know how to get your claims paid in a short amount of time.

Happier Staff & Less Stress

You might be wondering how you can reduce stress and have happier employees when you outsource billing and coding services. Outsourcing can significantly reduce Human Resources (HR) work and solves all billing department coverage issues. If one of our team members is out sick or takes their vacation time, you will never see a difference in the duties that we perform, as there is another certified medical coder waiting to take their place. We file claims and follow up on services every day, providing consistent and reliable services. As a result, outsourcing eliminates training and retraining for billing staff, as we take care of that in-house to ensure that our team is up to date on the most current billing and coding requirements.

Another way that outsourcing reduces stress is that it lessens the load for payroll taxes and overhead. Overall, you will pay less for staffing costs, including salaries, paychecks, workers’ compensation insurance, medical coverage, sick leave, and holidays. You can also save on the amount of space that is dedicated at your office to billing. No more specialized workstations or office areas, no computers and software, and no taking employees off one project to focus on billing and coding. Your entire team can now be dedicated to taking care of patients, which is the most important job at your practice. This all leads to increased customer satisfaction and better ratings from patients for your practice.

Get a FREE Billing Review

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