ENT Billing and Coding Services: Ready to Outsource Billing?

outsource ENT billing servicesOnce upon a time, physicians were taught by their professors in medical school to never outsource their medical billing services. The medical industry alums believed that maintaining control over ENT account management was essential to a successful practice. Things have changed significantly in recent years, due in part to the new regulations and requirements imposed by the federal government and billing demands of the healthcare industry as a whole. Outsourcing billing ENT services may be just the thing your practice needs to take things to the next level. With outsourcing, it is possible to reduce staff stress, increase medical practice revenue, and have more time for providing quality patient care. At MD Pro Solutions, we specialize in ENT billing and coding, offering a wide range of value-added services designed to help you save time and money while maximizing the revenue that you receive for each patient you serve.

Top Reasons for Outsourcing Billing ENT Services

When you make the decision to outsource your ENT billing and coding, you are taking a step forward to providing better management, accounting, and compliance with healthcare regulations and requirements. Outsourcing has been proven to reduce billing errors. Our team of certified medical coders do nothing all day but do the coding and claims submissions for our clients. They are regularly re-trained to stay on top of the latest requirements for medical coding, avoiding all of the downtime and issues that can come whenever the powers that be decide to make significant billing changes. Outsourcing can help you increase medical practice revenue, expediting payments with insurance companies and other third-party payers, as well as reducing your overhead costs.

Some of the biggest cost savings come in the form of staffing requirements. Instead of having a team of dedicated ENT billing and coding employees who either split their time between patient care and billing or spend their whole day doing ENT account management, your staff can focus completely on providing qualified patient care. Eliminating dedicated staff for billing can save you money in hourly or monthly wages, benefits, insurance, holidays, sick days, vacation time, and covering behind those team members when they take the day off from work. You never have to worry about those things again when it comes to account management and billing when you are outsourcing billing ENT services.

Other Benefits of Outsourcing ENT Account Management

Because you and your team will have more time to focus on delivering quality patient care, outsourcing improves patient satisfaction. Your staff no longer has to wear multiple hats, taking care of billing and account payables, instead they can just do all the things they need to do to ensure your practice gets top marks for quality customer satisfaction. Outsourcing ensure compliances, helps the collection goals of your practice to be more in line with the billing company, and can significantly improve reporting and benchmark capabilities. In fact, outsourcing has a built-in level of audit oversight due to the separation of duties between our team and yours.

No more worries about training and retraining staff – or about having online support readily available when there are issues with ENT billing and coding. Outsourcing also frees up much-needed space. Just think about how much more room you would have if you could get rid of your in-house billing department. You might increase waiting room space, add an extra exam room, have more room for storing supplies, or be able to expand your own office. If you would like to learn more about outsourcing billing ENT sources through MD Pro Solutions, either on a temporary basis to get control over your ENT account management or as a long-term solution, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-853-8110. We can answer any questions you might have about how you can use our free billing review and professional services to increase medical practice revenue. Call today and take control over your ENT billing and coding once and for all. We have helped hundreds of clients across the country with our dedicated Otolaryngology, Orthopedic, and Plastic Surgery specialty services, and we can help you, too.