Outsourcing Medical Billing Services for Busy ENT Practices

outsourcing ENT practicesA company’s primary purpose should be to increase revenue and improve the quality of its products or services. If you want to be successful in the medical field, you must follow the same rules. Otolaryngology claims submissions and account management must be a top priority in order to provide quality care and services to patients. As a whole, the healthcare industry has seen a lot of upheaval in recent years. Ten years ago, ENT billing and coding were very different. In the event that your practice has not had a billing review or consulting session in a while, now is the time to get it done. A free billing assessment from MD Pro Solutions is the ideal approach to determine if you should outsource ENT billing or just want to know where you stand with billing management.

What We Do and Who We Are

A wide range of services are available to our clients thanks to the expertise of our medical billing experts. For more than 45 years, MD Pro Solutions has been a leader in the medical administration and billing sector. We have built a variety of specialized solutions for Otolaryngology Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) offices, as well as for Orthopedic and Plastic Surgery clients, by using proprietary accounts receivable methods and revenue creation apps. Through education, training, tools, and continuing support, we assist our clients increase income and enhance their medical billing services. For example, we don’t force our clients to change their medical billing software or make the leap to outsource ENT billing if they aren’t ready. It is our mission to help you optimize your efforts and make significant improvements that will help your practice grow and prosper in the future.

Our first service to every new client is to perform a complimentary billing review to identify missed revenue opportunities. We work with you and your team to identify the areas that need the greatest help, and then we supply the services you need to solve any lingering problems. Using the most up-to-date insurance and industry standards, our team can assist you in ensuring that your billing department handles insurance claims effectively. After working with MD Pro Solutions, the majority of our clients have seen an increase in income of at least 10% in just the first year. Your entire crew can benefit from our services, from the receptionists to the appointment desk to the billing department. Our highly qualified and experienced consultants will be there to assist you, no matter where you are located. Our specialized ENT billing and coding solutions can assist you in ensuring accuracy, preventing fraud, and expanding your medical business in a healthy and productive way.

Outsourcing Medical Billing Services

We are one of just a few billing and coding support organizations dedicated solely to Otolaryngology practices. There are a number of them out there. When it comes to managing medical billing, there are some parts of ENT billing and coding that can be applied to almost any other type of medical practice or specialization. With MD Pro Solutions, we are able to work with your workers to establish a team-like atmosphere to produce better results and avoid missed revenue opportunities. To meet your needs, we offer monthly reports that may be viewed either in person or via video conference. All cash transactions are reconciled daily, and we provide productivity benchmarks so that you can assess how far your company has progressed since employing our services.

When it comes to ENT billing, we at MD Pro Solutions are more than just medical billers. As consultants and support, we work closely with our clients to ensure long-term success. Several of our most senior employees have substantial medical management experience or are certified coders. To assist our clients in maximizing revenue, we assist them in optimizing the coding and re-working claims in order to capture greater cash. A unique approach to billing and collecting is the key to our success. Contact our Otolaryngology claims submission account management team immediately at 1-800-853-8110 to learn more about our services or to take advantage of our complimentary billing review. Our Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT), Orthopedics (OA), and Plastic Surgery (PS) clinics serve patients from all over the country.