Medical Consultant Services: How to Increase Practice Revenue

medical consultant servicesThere are some indicators that your team is having trouble. Patients expressing unhappiness with how things are being handled, insurance companies rejecting or denying payments, and inconsistently presented claims are just a few examples. In order to help you optimize and enhance the way that your orthopedic, otolaryngology, or plastic surgery practice is managed, MD Pro Solutions draws on our more than 45 years of expertise working in the medical billing and administrative sector. We provide a wide range of services and assistance, as well as employee education and training. The management of your medical billing office is essential to the profitability of your company. Accounts receivable should always be a top priority for any medical office or clinic, from processing insurance claims to guaranteeing a consistent cash flow for the purchase of supplies and other essentials.

Medical Management Consulting

In contrast to other healthcare consultants, MD Pro Solutions goes above and above to give every customer complete transparency and forge strategic alliances to foster a collaborative environment between our personnel and yours. Everything we do is intended to reduce your workload and save you money while minimizing stress. Depending on your schedule, you can analyze our insightful monthly reports in person or over a video chat. In order to obtain better outcomes for processing insurance claims and other crucial services, our team collaborates with yours. All cash transactions are thoroughly reconciled, and this serves as a daily external audit to guard against potential fraud and accounts receivables problems.

We think it’s crucial to actually partner with our clients in order to ensure their success, as opposed to just working with them. Many of our senior staff members have extensive experiences in medical office administration or are trained coders, so we are more than just professional healthcare consultants and medical billers. Staff education and training are essential to ensuring that your workforce is knowledgeable on the latest industry standards and laws. In order to give the practice with useful and realistic goals that can be monitored and contrasted on a monthly basis, the provider establishes productivity benchmarks with each customer. Coding can be made more efficient, and claims can be rewritten to recover revenue that was lost. Our strategies and approaches have a track record of giving our clients services that provide results.

Healthcare Consultant for Ortho Practices

Our experience enables us to comprehend and create solutions for the medical billing and administrative businesses. We were founded by a group of medical professionals and practice administrators who specialize in the fields of Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT), Orthopedic (Ortho), and Plastic Surgery practices. We are aware that educating and training staff members as well as providing continuing support are the only ways to effectively navigate the challenging process of managing a medical billing office. Our main objective is to help you spend less time each day on medical billing and administration so that you may devote more of your attention to providing high-quality patient care.

Our goal is to become a seamless extension of your office as we collaborate closely with you and your personnel to get rid of routine work practices that sap productivity and decrease profits. Since we are aware that every practice or clinic is different, we invest a lot of time in learning as much as we can about you and how you operate in order to enhance our consultation services. We offer staff education and training, tools unique to your sector or specialization, ongoing support, and resources you can use to your fullest advantage. To secure each client’s future success, we work hard to meet their specific needs and demands.

Hire a Medical Consultant for Practices: Boost Practice Revenue

Contact MD Pro Solutions directly if you want to find out more about our healthcare consulting services or need assistance with managing your medical billing office. We can provide a wide range of services that are intended to streamline and maximize your efforts when processing insurance claims, provide top-notch education and training for staff, and give you the reports, data, and services you need to advance your orthopedist, ear, nose, and throat doctor, or plastic surgeon practice. To speak with a member of our staff about your needs or to arrange a FREE initial examination to ascertain your practice requirements, call toll-free 1-800-853-8110.