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ortho healthcare consultantHiring a consultant can have a major impact on the productivity, effectiveness, and overall success of your medical practice. MD Pro Solutions caters to each client by meeting their unique requirements in terms of medical billing and coding education and training, ongoing support, and outsourced services. There are two main types of outsourcing arrangements: temporary and permanent. Throughout their existence, medical businesses such as new practices, expanding clinics, and maturing businesses need varying degrees of support. You need to find a healthcare consulting service that is well-versed in Otolaryngology, Orthopedics, and Plastic Surgery to provide the most thorough support for your medical practice.

Healthcare Consultant for Ortho

The healthcare sector is enormous due to the wide range of medical specialties and approaches that are used every day. Only orthopedic, otolaryngology, and plastic surgery clinics can benefit from our training, consultation, and remote coding support. Because our team has more than 45 years of combined experience in these specialized areas of medical administration, we are able to provide these services. To meet the particular challenges posed by these fields of expertise, we have developed a suite of tailor-made solutions, adopted exclusive accounts receivable protocols, and implemented revenue generation software.

Working closely with each client to address their specific concerns is the key to our success. Revenue is increased, quality of medical billing services is enhanced, and communication between the front desk and billing department is streamlined as a result. If you hire MD Pro Solutions for healthcare consulting, we won’t force you to switch medical billing services, but we will recommend tools and strategies that we think will help you achieve better outcomes. We coordinate with your current billing service to verify that your staff is properly handling insurance claims in accordance with all applicable regulations. We’re able to offer better, more tailored solutions and assistance by focusing on these specific areas.

Orthopedic Medical Billing Services

In the first year alone, we have helped the majority of our clients see a significant increase in their revenue. Actually, within the first year, our clients in the specialties of otolaryngology, orthopedics, and plastic surgery have seen a ten percent increase in revenue as a result of our improved billing procedures. Our founder’s ideas on management and billing laid the groundwork for MD Pro Solutions’ success over the past two decades. You can be confident in the efficacy of our solutions because we have many case studies documenting their implementation that we can share with you. In New York, for instance, a busy five-doctor practice saw an increase in revenue of over $2 million in just the first year. This goal was reached when, in the eighth month, one of the five full-time doctors decided to leave the practice.

Talk to a qualified healthcare consultant on our team to hear about our past clients’ experiences and to find out more about the services we offer. To get things started, we can provide you with a FREE billing review to help you discover any problems with your medical billing and coding services. MD Pro Solutions treats each of its clients as a strategic partner, collaborating with them on many fronts to ensure their success and that of their business. For the sake of openness and honesty with each of our clients, we offer a wide variety of reports, daily cash reconciliations, and other accounting options. In order to safeguard your medical practice from any possible fraud, our programs are built to help you maintain consistent billing services.

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For a complimentary review of your monthly charges, please call our office at (800)853-8110. Our expert healthcare consulting services allow us to provide you with a wide variety of options tailored to your specific needs. If you’re trying to improve your practice in some way, whether it’s by devoting more time to direct patient care or by cutting costs, our medical billing and coding services consultants can help. Give MD Pro Solutions a call today to find out why we are the go-to company for healthcare consulting, training, and support among Otolaryngology, Orthopedic, and Plastic Surgery practices and clinics.