Administrative Training and Support for Orthopedic Practices

ortho admin and supportThe practice of outsourcing some services to orthopedic offices and clinics has been increasingly popular in recent years. You may utilize surgical chart auditing, offside CPA audits, and even expert Ortho medical billing services to better control and boost total medical practice income. MD Pro Solutions provides new customers with a free billing analysis, which we utilize to determine which areas need the greatest assistance and support. We use specialized revenue generating solutions for Orthopedic, Otolaryngology, and Plastic Surgery offices and clinics since we have more than 45 years of expertise working in the medical administration and billing sector. With improved education, tools, and support, we collaborate with each customer to help them increase income and improve medical billing services.

Orthopedic Practice Billing Services

As part of our medical consultation when you engage with MD Pro Solutions, we won’t demand that you switch from your present medical billing providers. To make sure you are correctly processing insurance claims in accordance with regulatory and industry standards, we will work with you and your existing carrier. The majority of orthopedic practices we work with were able to boost the efficiency of their billing operations and boost their income by at least 10% in the first year alone. Based on years of expertise dealing with busy practices all around the country, our services are second to none. Our capacity to collaborate strategically with each customer and provide services at various levels to create mutual advantages is the key to our success.

To make sure that all cash receipts are being deposited and correctly accounted for, our team offers daily cash reconciliations. Complete openness is essential to MD Pro Solutions’ success. By careful preparation and execution, the transfer and adoption of our Ortho medical billing services process is seamless and not intended to disrupt the office dynamics or cash flow. We help businesses increase receipts by implementing no-show rates, charge capture, and coding support using our talents and services. In addition to providing front office employees with training and educational opportunities, we can assess all forms, medical systems, and billing software presently in use. We can also conduct scheduled billing reviews to assist ongoing billing management.

Healthcare Consultant for Ortho Practices

You need to understand that MD Pro Solutions is different if you have previously tried dealing with other healthcare consultants and Ortho medical billing services without success. We are dedicated to provide the greatest services and support to our clients, which includes a genuine relationship with a group of medical managers, certified coders, and other healthcare experts. By improving your coding, rewriting your claims, and providing a free billing review, we may increase income and guarantee that we are able to collect more. Several of our new clients learned that they were unknowingly wasting thousands of dollars per provider annually in missed revenue as a result of subpar claim submission and billing procedures.

Our experience has helped us to understand and develop targeted solutions for the medical billing and administrative business end of things because we have lived it ourselves. Our company was founded by a group of medical practitioners and practice administrators who specialize in Ortho, Otolaryngology, and Plastic Surgery specialties. We understand that keeping up with education and training, as well as having a clear knowledge of the medical insurance system, are the only ways to effectively handle the challenging chore of medical billing and office administration. To enable them offer our clients the finest services possible, all of our expert coders and claims specialists get ongoing training and education. In order to free up more time for you to spend with patients, our goal is to work as an extension of your clinic and help you spend less time on ortho medical billing services.

To talk with a representative about receiving a free billing review, contact 1-800-853-8110. With our credentialing, recredentialing, surgical chart audits, and expert billing services, we can help you in a variety of ways. Give us a call right now to find out more about MD Pro Solutions and all of the service choices, initiatives, and assistance that are available for your orthopedic office or clinic.