Improve Account Management: Proven ENT Billing & Coding Services

improve account management for ENT practicesWhen it comes to running a successful ENT clinic or practice, office managers and administrators have their job cut out for them. It is your obligation to ensure that your staff is prepared to meet any and all problems that the healthcare sector and government laws may provide in the future. As a result of the switch from ICD-9 to ICD-10, many practices went bankrupt, and ENT account management teams fell behind in billing or had innumerable claims refused or rejected. Billing and coding are only a small part of account management; you also need to ensure that your front desk staff is well-trained and prepared to handle insurance verification and patient co-payments before patients are seen.

ENT Billing and Coding Services

Hiring a competent healthcare consultant service will help you reach your objectives and boost ENT account management. In order to increase the practice’s profitability and the happiness of its patients, Otolaryngology offices and clinics might benefit from using specialized software like MD Pro Solutions. Account management software, independent CPA audits, and other methods can help you get insight into what your employees are up to, so you can improve record-keeping, billing, and customer service.

Our advisors collaborate with your in-house billing staff and provide feedback to guarantee proper patient billing. To guarantee full service, we provide in-house training and education for everyone on your team, from greeters to accountants. Our whole staff has extensive experience in the field of ear, nose, and throat medicine, so we know what it takes to manage a successful clinic or practice. From what we’ve seen, a well-organized and managed system is the key to maintaining order. We tailor our services to each unique customer so that they may devote more time to caring for their patients and less time to administrative details.

How We Improve Account Management at MD Pro Solutions

To begin, we offer a no-cost, in-depth analysis of your current operations to see where our assistance might be most useful. Experts in Otolaryngology management, billing, and coding make up our team of ENT medical billers and account managers. We collaborate with your staff to develop strategies that will function well in your office. Our mission is to ensure that your entire staff is operating at peak efficiency so that you may increase your profits and develop your business further.

Keeping ENT account management on track has become a problem due to the many recent modifications and mandated requirements from the healthcare business and the federal government. To help you and your team adapt to these strategic shifts in the business, our consultants, educators, and support professionals offer ongoing education and training as well as immediate, live assistance. If your business is going to make it through these challenging times, we want it to flourish. Our expert consultants will help your company’s billing department become more efficient and precise, saving you time and money.

Otolaryngology Practice Support

Our staff provides services that will help you develop in all areas, such as education and assistance for insurance verification and extensive record-keeping. We do a thorough evaluation and updating of all medical billing codes, and we conduct routine evaluations of your accounts to ensure their management and control. We provide ENT account management for your billing personnel as well as front desk staff training and education programs to better serve your patients. If you want to make sure you’re making the most of the forms, billing programs, medical systems, and other technologies at your disposal, we can help.

We can assist with charge collecting, coding, and no-show fees to further boost your revenue. Our fraud protection services include CPA audits performed from outside the firm to make sure everything is in order. Our clients range from solo practitioners to multi-location clinics, and our services are especially valued by ENT doctors and clinic directors. Call MD Pro Solutions at 508-946-1665 if you have any questions regarding our ENT account management services.