Free Professional Billing Review: Improve Practice Management

free billing review servicesHiring a medical practice consultant to evaluate your company has several benefits. Just a few of the advantages you may anticipate include increased productivity, efficacy, and assurance that you and your team are utilizing all of the tools and resources at your disposal. At MD Pro Solutions, we provide a free billing review for brand-new clients. This gives practice managers and doctors a third-party perspective on their medical practice and aids in our ability to identify the areas that need the greatest attention.

We have many years of working with experts in orthopedics, plastic surgery, and otolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat) to offer a comprehensive range of training, education, support, and services aimed at assisting them in making the most of the resources currently at their disposal and preventing expensive missed income opportunities. We can assist you in achieving all of your practice objectives through surgical chart auditing, yearly CPA audits, credentialing and recredentialing services, to name a few.

Uncover Missed Revenue Opportunities

The ability to reduce the administrative and billing tasks in your office to provide you more time for patient care and services is one of the finest outcomes you can anticipate when working with a professional consultant. We were established by a group of medical professionals and practice managers that have extensive expertise in ENT, Ortho, and Plastic Surgery billing and coding services. Because we have lived it firsthand, our knowledge enables us to comprehend and build solutions that will provide exceptional outcomes. We understand that maintaining a strong training program and having a solid understanding of the medical insurance sector are the only ways to effectively handle the extremely difficult work of office administration and medical billing.

Some of our clients value the chance to provide their team members the coaching and assistance they require to boost their performance. Others may choose to outsource billing tasks so that their personnel has more time to concentrate on providing patient care and customer support. Regardless of your objectives, MD Pro Solutions can assist you in achieving them. More than 95% of the time when we do our free billing review services, we are able to locate lost money and missed revenue possibilities. It might be upsetting to put in all the effort—reserving the appointment, seeing the patient, and administering the care—only to have the insurance provider refuse your reimbursement because you submitted your claims incorrectly. Small mistakes in medical coding might cause lost revenue, which limits your chance for advancement.

Experienced, Value-Added Services & Support

When it comes to the continuing programs we provide for our clients, we prefer to provide a lot of extra services and support. Credentialing services are necessary to guarantee that each employee can cooperate with your selected insurance providers and firms. Before delivering the full application to your office for signatures, MD Pro Solutions offers credentialing and recredentialing, which includes the submission of all pertinent paperwork, such as the most recent license, CMEs, declaration pages, certificates, and malpractice narratives. Our credentialing services do not apply to hospital privileges or other sorts of services; they are just for insurance payers.

Some of the initial services for each provider in your practice, as well as updates as required, are included in the credentialing and recredentialing services that we provide. We maintain thorough records of each application submitted to an insurance company. Our staff can complete and keep track of all needed 855 forms for Medicare patients and even create applications with all required attachments. This is a personalized service for our clients, which may also include sporadic on-site visits to your facilities. To help you save time and money, we offer quick and accurate credentialing services for new providers. We have locations all over the country that are prepared to provide you with the expert consulting services and assistance you require to be successful.

Professional Medical Billing Services

Contact our team at MD Pro Solutions by calling 1-800-853-8110 toll-free or take advantage of our online contact form. Any queries you may have regarding our consultation services, free billing reviews, and credentialing or recredentialing services may be addressed by us. Utilize our free first consultation to find out more about the services our team of qualified consultants and specialists in medical administration can provide for you.