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get a free ENT billing reviewIn addition to hiring a professional medical consultant to assess your forms, software, coding, and operations, one of the best things you can do for your medical practice is to submit to a thorough invoicing review. As a healthcare consultant for ENT, Ortho, and Plastic Surgery practices, MD Pro Solutions provides a variety of services to assist our clients in managing the business side of their medical practice. A truly accurate evaluation of otolaryngology management, invoicing, and classification requires an external audit, which can serve as an insurance policy for your practice. In addition, surgical chart auditing services, training, and support can be of great assistance in keeping you and your team on track and working toward the same objective.

Otolaryngology Management Billing and Coding

At MD Pro Solutions, we provide new clients with a complimentary billing audit of their practice. This type of thorough examination should be conducted every two to three years to ensure that everything is operating efficiently and nothing is being overlooked. Our many years of experience as a professional medical consultant to busy ENT, Ortho, and Plastic Surgery practices have prepared us for a billing audit. In approximately 95% of the cases that we have assessed, we have been able to identify lost revenue and missed opportunities. How disheartening is it to provide quality patient care only to have the insurance company deny payment or reduce the amount due to incorrect invoicing submission?

With so many medical practices missing revenue-generating opportunities, it is in your best interest to take advantage of this complimentary invoicing review. Your practice could be hemorrhaging thousands of dollars per provider every year, and you may not even be aware of it. It is essential to do everything possible to acquire revenue, including hiring a healthcare consultant for ENT practices and improving your daily medical billing and administrative duties. Sometimes a small adjustment is all it takes to substantially improve the services you provide to your patients and increase your invoicing revenue by ensuring you receive every dollar you’ve earned. MD Pro Solutions can also provide you with proven techniques, expert guidance, and services to ensure that your Otolaryngology management, invoicing, and coding are effective.

Healthcare Consulting Services

When you work with MD Pro Solutions to perform a free billing review, provide professional medical consultant services, or utilize our CPA audit or surgical chart auditing services, you can expect to receive quality services and reliable support for your practice. We will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your entire medical billing solution to ensure that you are reaping the full benefits of your current billing service. We will never force you to switch software or billing service providers, but we will suggest the use of the most up-to-date financial tools and discuss how you can improve your medical billing experience through increased training, education, and support.

Wouldn’t it be great if your ENT, Ortho, or Plastic Surgery practice spent less time collecting accounts receivable, processing claims, and fretting about cash flow? MD Pro Solutions can assist you in implementing new procedures and methods designed to increase employee morale, enhance productivity, and decrease documentation for your staff. We can provide detailed monthly reports and additional client support in an effort to enhance management decision-making through improved data. In all that we do, we maintain complete confidentiality for you, the client, and your patients. Our team will follow up with your staff to ensure that solid medical billing practices remain in place, resulting in enhanced patient services and receivables management.

Medical Billing Review

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