The Benefits of Healthcare Consulting: ENT Billing and Coding

healthcare consulting services for medical practicesA healthcare consultant’s role in assessing and bolstering an ENT practice or clinic is not unlike from that of any other specialist hired to oversee a specific project. It’s not always obvious what needs to be changed until someone from the outside looks in on your clinic and interacts with patients. If your business or clinic needs assistance with ENT billing and coding or rapid, correct credentialing for a new employee, working with a healthcare consulting firm that specializes in Otolaryngology, such as MD Pro Solutions, is a smart move.

Professional Healthcare Consulting Services

Our team is committed to serving the Otolaryngology community by offering expert medical consulting services to Otolaryngologists and their practices. We only collaborate with ENT clinics and offices, never with urgent care centers, hospitals, or other medical facilities. The medical billing sector may be quite general and encompassing. We feel that by catering solely to the ENT industry, we are better able to address concerns with ENT billing and coding, account management, and other services. More than 50 years of combined expertise in healthcare administration and billing goes into our speciality healthcare consulting services.

Our patented accounts receivable protocols and revenue generating tools enable us to offer a number of our services. In addition to our normal industry offerings, we have created a suite of solutions tailored to the needs of Otolaryngology practices and their patients. MD Pro Solutions provides extensive training, services, and support to its healthcare consultants. Depending on your requirements, our ENT billing and coding team, for example, can offer online assistance for your personnel, along with education programs, testing, and even outsourced services for medical billing. We don’t push our customers switch billing systems unless they want to, but we do help them get the most out of the one they have.

Benefits of Billing Education and Support

Many of our customers come to us because they know they need help with ENT billing and coding, collections, and security against fraud and billing mistakes. With the support of our speciality healthcare consulting services, our clients have seen a rise in income of at least 10% in the first year. Because MD Pro Solutions was founded by Otolaryngologists and other medical professionals, we are uniquely qualified to assess our customers’ requirements and craft tailor-made strategies to meet their specific goals.

Online training, testing, and support for ENT billing and coding employees, as well as comprehensive reporting and communications, auditing and reviews, rapid and accurate credentialing services, account management assistance, and more. Hiring a healthcare consultant may help improve many aspects of a medical practice, including the care that doctors and other staff members deliver to patients. It’s a bonus to be able to raise earnings, guarantee precise coding, speed up production, cut down on paperwork, and promote morale. By providing training and guidance, MD Pro Solutions can help your staff make the most of their billing and administration processes.

Account Management Services and More

Clients may rely on the speed and precision of MD Pro Solutions’ insurance payer credentialing services. This is not a service we offer, and we cannot help you get hospital privileges or any other kind of credentialing. Each of your providers will benefit from our initial credentialing and recredentialing services. Our staff is able to complete and file all 855s for Medicare patients, as well as preserve detailed records of all applications submitted to insurance companies. We can get you ready to apply by preparing your application and any supporting materials you may need to submit. When necessary, our highly trained staff will go to your location to provide on-site assistance.

Call our team at MD Pro Solutions at 508-946-1665 to talk about our ENT billing and coding classes and services, as well as our rapid and accurate credentialing services. We can create a custom solution based on your practice’s unique needs and requirements to help streamline your operation and give you more time to focus on patient care. If you have concerns regarding our healthcare consulting services or how to choose a healthcare consultant, we have the answers.