Otolaryngology Management and Online Code Help for Busy Practices

otolaryngology managementProfessional education and training from MD Pro Solutions can help ENT offices that want to improve the way they bill and code for patients. Our experts have been trained and have a lot of knowledge. They can help you be more successful. We offer a number of programs that are meant to improve Medicaid and Medicare payment by making it easier to check insurance and giving you online help with billing. We also teach our clients what insurance companies want so they can make the ways they file cases better. If you need help with Otolaryngology management, billing, or coding, we can help your staff get better at what they do and get better results all around.

Authorization Training

Educating and teaching people is part of the coaching services we offer. As the healthcare industry changes and grows, even the most well-organized billing departments will need more training and online coding help. It can be hard to get paid by third parties, Medicaid, and Medicare, especially now that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the switch from ICD-9 to ICD-10 have made so many changes.

For the sake of efficiency, it can be helpful to cross-train your own employees so they can handle all aspects of ENT billing and code. There are four people working in billing, but one is sick and another is on maternity leave, so you are down by 50%. If only half of the work is getting done, the business can’t stay open. This is where cross-training comes in handy.

Otolaryngology Management

MD Pro Solutions will even work with your front desk staff to make sure they know what the billing department wants from them. This will make things easier for the billing team if you can teach and train the front desk staff more. You can get more full information if you know why it’s so important to check the patient’s insurance and collect other data. Join forces to get the best results, make your code system work better, and increase your chances of making money.

Having your front desk staff work with you can protect your business and make things easier for the billing team. Everyone who works in healthcare needs to be very careful with private information. This keeps the business safe from fraud, wrong bills, and HIPAA privacy rules. All of your employees can get authorization training, testing, and screening. They can also learn about customer financial policies and get tips on how to collect co-pays and deductibles up front.

Online Code Help

There are other parts of ENT billing and coding that need to be taken care of as well, like getting paid and making sure the insurance is correct. We can teach you and your team about ICD-10 and give you and them access to ongoing online training and tests. It’s important for your office manager and administrative team to make policy guides so that everyone knows the same rules and laws about how to run the business.

You can also get online code help, such as CPT with RVU global days and CCI changes. For ICD-9 and ICD-10 cross-links, there is also online code help, education, and training. If there are certain areas that your staff is having trouble with right now, we can even make custom education and training plans for them. People from our team of experts, teachers, and support staff are here to help you make big changes that will make your practice bigger and better.

Overcoming Healthcare Industry Changes

Our team’s main goal is to give each client medical advice services that will improve patient care and business success in the area of Otolaryngology. We teach and train people in a lot of different areas, and we also offer online coding help and support for medical billing services, administration, and management. We’ve been in the hospital management and billing business for more than 50 years.

We give our clients the tools they need to make more money and get better service by using our own accounts receivable standards and revenue creation apps. We can help your business with things like verifying insurance, getting credentials, supporting ICD-10, and getting Medicare to pay you more. You can make an appointment or find out more about MD Pro Solutions by calling us at 508-946-1665.