Evaluations and Audits to Protect Your ENT Clinic or Practice

evaluations and audits for medical billingThe standard recommendation among medical professionals is an annual checkup. But it’s not always the case that they follow their counsel. Working with a seasoned healthcare consultant service to do tasks like surgical chart audits, off-site CPA audits, and third-party reviews of otolaryngology management, billing, and coding is akin to getting a yearly checkup for your ENT office or clinic. Even with a stellar team, running a medical practice smoothly involves a lot of moving parts. MD Pro Solutions’ maintenance and support services help restore your business to profitability.

Off-Site CPA Audits and Reviews

The front desk staff’s ability to deliver excellent service will determine the success of your ENT clinic or practice. Receptionists should update patient information such as insurance coverage, co-pay, and deductible amounts, as well as contact information, prior to scheduling any appointments. Patients are still learning how to navigate the new healthcare system; therefore, the more information and friendly assistance they receive from your front office staff regarding making payments prior to receiving services and keeping up with any changes in coverage, the better.

Auditing the procedures your receptionists follow while scheduling appointments, welcoming patients, and collecting data should be a standard part of your yearly health checkup. Making sure your staff is well-trained and confident in what they need to do when a patient calls or comes in for an appointment is important because it has a direct impact on the success of otolaryngology management, billing, and coding.

Medical billing and coding relies heavily on accurate documentation of patient visits, particularly with regards to the diagnosis and care rendered. In order to manage, bill, and code for otolaryngology services in light of the new ICD-10 revisions, billing personnel will need access to more specific information about the services rendered. The billing department needs accurate documentation from doctors and other healthcare providers in order to charge patients and third-party payers for services. Problems with this crucial line of communication between doctors, nurses, and the billing office may be uncovered during off-site CPA audits or surgical chart audits.

Credentialing Services and Support

Credentialing services with the top providers employed by your facility are essential if you are adding new doctors to your practice or clinic. Recredentialing services are needed when currently employed healthcare professionals need to renew their licenses. It might be helpful to hire a business like MD Pro Solutions to handle credentialing and recredentialing services if you don’t have much expertise with them yourself. Fast and accurate credentialing and recredentialing services are essential to your practice being paid for patient care, and our agents are well-versed in providing them for you.

Internal audits can be useful for spotting problems before they escalate. Internal audits, on the other hand, are frequently biased in favor of the profession or institution being audited. If you need help with administrative auditing, consider using a firm like MD Pro Solutions. They are on your side, yet do a fully non-bias assessment of your practice, from the procedures utilized for patient care to otolaryngology administration, billing, and coding. Whatever type of audit you need, from a CPA audit on the sidelines to an audit of your surgical charts, we’ve got you covered.

Surgical Chart Audits, Check-Ups and More

When you hire a consulting firm like MD Pro Solutions to assist with check-ups and audits of your otolaryngology management, billing, and coding, you gain a huge advantage and opportunity to ensure that you are taking advantage of all the resources and options available to better manage and run your practice. In order to assist you optimize your business operations and increase your collections, our staff may recommend products that will enhance your medical billing experience.

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