Maximize Your Practice's Revenue with MD Pro Solutions

Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Did you know physicians in private practice could be missing out on a whopping 28 to 33% of their income due to improperly managed insurance claims? Even the best-managed practices with strong billing leadership are not immune to losing 10 to 20% of their bottom-line revenue.

Secure Your Income with MD Pro Solutions

MD Pro Solutions offers a safety net for your old claims. As premier follow-up experts, we ensure your practice receives the full reimbursement it deserves.

Seven Key Questions for Your Practice:

  1. Are you aware of your current days in AR?
  2. Do you know your claim denial rate?
  3. Can you quantify what percentage of your AR is over 90 Days?
  4. Who is monitoring and tracking denial trends in your practice?
  5. Are claim appeals submitted weekly in your office?
  6. Have you encountered denials for timely filing?
  7. Could accounts be adjusted off the books without management's knowledge or approval?

Work With Us:

Let us work alongside your billing team. At 42 days, we take over your claims management to ensure you receive your full reimbursement for your services. We charge only on collected claims that are past due.

Why MD Pro Solutions?

The largest loss of revenue for a medical practice often comes from inefficient and ineffective claim follow-up. If your staff isn't producing at least 5-10 claim appeals per month, per provider, you're losing money!

In today's world, insurance companies often target practices and deny claims, resulting in lost revenue. Don't let that be you. We've been winning the war against insurance companies for years with our proven claim follow-up process.

What We Offer:

We offer comprehensive communication with your practice, providing error logs and denial reports, helping prevent future errors, and increasing cash flow within just 60 days. Our fee is only 6%-12% of collected receipts, paid from your additional revenue related to our efforts.

Our Commitment:

We offer short-term contracts with an out clause of 30 days’ notice. We are confident that once you partner with us, you'll see the value we add and we'll be partners for a long time.

Contact Us:

Interested in a review of your current system or learning more about our services? Feel free to contact Ryan Kelliher at (508) 923-7608. Let's ensure your practice gets the proper reimbursement it deserves.