Celebrating Over 20 Years in Business

MD Pro Solutions focuses on providing medical consultation services to doctors and practices that are dedicated to serving patients within the specialized area of Otolaryngology. While medical billing services, administration, and management is a pretty broad spectrum that can generally be applied to all sorts of practices, there are some medical fields that are better served through more specialized solutions.

With over 45 years of experience working in the medical administration and billing industry through the use of proprietary accounts receivable protocols and revenue generation applications, MD Pro Solutions has developed a series of solutions designed specifically for Ear Nose and Throat (ENT), Orthopedic (Ortho), and Plastic Surgery doctors and practices. We work directly with our clients to help them boost revenue and improve medical billing services through enhanced education, tools, and support.

Our clients are not required to change their medical billing services when they hire MD Pro Solutions to provide medical consultation services. We work with you and your current medical billing provider to make sure that you are accurately processing insurance claims according to insurance and industry requirements. Most Ear Nose and Throat (ENT), Orthopedic (Ortho) and Plastic Surgery doctors and practices have been able to improve the success of their billing procedures, increasing revenue by at least 10 percent just in the first year alone.

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Gregory Kelliher

Greg is a dynamic, innovative person who is very highly regarded by physicians and administrators throughout the healthcare industry. His engaging leadership style, honesty, intimate understanding of practice management, and vast knowledge of the entire billing operation, makes him the perfect solution for today's busy medical practice. He understands the demands and challenges of the independent medical practice and helps many providers, practices and healthcare managers to navigate through the ever-changing landscape of healthcare in the year 2020.

Greg's expertise comes from 30 years of working in physician offices, including private solo practices, group practices along with 15 years as a hospital administrator at Children's Hospital, Boston in the Department of Otolaryngology and Communications Disorders. During Greg's first year, their revenue was increased by $932,000, which represented a 32% increase from the previous year. With Greg's experience and background, he possesses a comprehensive understanding of practice operations, billing and collections, physician compensation, marketing, and strong financial management skills.

MD Pro Solutions was built on Greg's management and billing philosophies, which have helped the company to thrive over the past 20 years. There have been many many success stories over the years, and most recently on April 1, 2019, MD Pro Solutions took over the billing for a busy five doctor orthopedic practice in New York. Year to date, MD Pro Solutions increased receipts by over $ 2,137,192. This was obtained even with one full-time physician leaving the practice in the eighth month. Imagine gaining over $2,000,000 in bottom-line revenue in just one year with staffing decreased.

MD Pro Solutions acts as a strategic partner, working with the practice at many different levels to achieve mutual success. MD Pro Solutions consistently provides daily cash reconciliations to ensure our cash receipts are being deposited and accounted for properly. Total transparency is paramount to our success at MD Pro Solutions. A typical new client will improve revenue by at least five percent when joining our team. The transition and implementation process is smooth and will not interrupt the practice dynamics or cash flow with proper planning and execution.