Billing 101 Test

See if you know the answers to these 15 quick and easy billing related questions. If you answered "no" three times (or you can't answer three questions), you need to get your free billing review urgently!

  1. Do you know your days in AR?
  2. How much of your AR is greater than 90 days?
  3. Are you performing a daily cash reconciliation?
  4. Are you submitting appeals on a weekly basis?
  5. Are all payments posted within 24 hours of receipt?
  6. Are all charges billed out with 48 hours?
  7. Are you reviewing your adjustment journal and all whole dollar write-offs?
  8. Are you running daily charge capture reports?
  9. Have you had an outside review of your billing operation in the past three years?
  10. Have you reviewed your fee schedule over the past two years?
  11. What is your collection rate?
  12. Has your net collection rate changed from last year?
  13. Do you know or track your no-show rate?
  14. Do you report and track your payer mix monthly?
  15. Do you benchmark your performance monthly?