Medical Billing for ENT Practices: Get a FREE Billing Review

free billing review

How is your billing department performing? Are you having any issues with denied or rejected claims? Have you experienced problems with collections from patients and third-party payers? When was the last time you reviewed your medical coding procedures or made sure that your billing team was using the proper codes? One of the best ways…

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Outsourcing Medical Billing: ENT, Ortho, and Plastic Surgery

outsourcing medical billing

One of the fastest ways to streamline the administrative department at your medical practice is to outsource your medical billing services to a third-party provider. MD Pro Solutions offers our clients a wide range of services, including training, education, and support. However, we can also assist by outsourcing ENT billing, Orthopedic billing, and Plastic Surgery…

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Top 10 Reasons to Outsource Otolaryngology Billing Services

top reasons to outsource medical billing

When it comes to outsourcing billing ENT services to a professional third-party provider, there are many more than ten reasons why you should take the plunge. ENT billing and coding services take up most of any practice’s business day, taking valuable staff away from the essential services they could provide to your patients. Answering phone…

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Ortho Medical Billing Tips: Increase Medical Practice Revenue

increase medical practice revenue

It is essential to have a well-planned, well-run system in place to keep your Ortho medical billing department under control. Making sure that claims get processed properly – using the latest codes, meeting the insurance provider requirements – and taking care of all the details relating to professional medical billing can be a full-time job…

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Healthcare Consulting Services: Hire a Professional Consultant

healthcare consulting services

Have you ever considered bringing in third-party healthcare consulting services to see if there was anything you could do to improve your medical practice? At MD Pro Solutions, we offer a wide variety of services, including billing management reviews, annual chart and surgical chart auditing, credentialing services, in-depth reporting, and communications, as well as outsourcing…

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Improve Healthcare Administration: Expert Consulting Services

Things can always be better. Anything can be improved. Even a well-run medical practice might have a few areas that require a new way of doing things to streamline daily tasks and make everything run smoother. There are many benefits associated with hiring medical administrative consulting services to evaluate your current operation and look for…

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Overcoming Missed Revenue Opportunities for Ortho Practices

orthopedic practice opportunities

As a physician, medical practice office manager, or administrator, do you ever worry that you might be missing out on valuable opportunities to increase revenue for your practice or clinic? In recent years, orthopedic practice billing has become a nightmare for many offices due to all of the changes to medical coding and billing procedures,…

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Medical Practice Protection and Professional Billing Support

medical practice protection for specialists

A common mistake in the medical world is physicians who neglect to treat their practice as a business. Without the proper management, billing, and payments for services rendered, your practice could be out of business before it really even gets started. For most doctors, the specialty that they have chosen to practice is a calling,…

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Benefits of ENT Practices Outsourcing Medical Billing Services

benefits of ENT outsourcing medical billing

When you start thinking about whether or not to outsource ENT billing to a third-party provider, it can be overwhelming to consider all of the pros and cons. While most physicians are taught in medical school to keep billing in-house in order to maintain control, the truth is that when you work with a trusted…

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Administrative Support for Plastic Surgery Practice Billing

administrative plastic surgery consultant services

The services that we provide at MD Pro Solutions are not limited to outsourcing medical billing or ongoing training and support for staff. We also have a lot of options available to help busy practices regain control over their administrative end, including fast and accurate credentialing, surgical chart auditing, and comprehensive services as a healthcare…

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