Outsourcing Medical Billing for Orthopedic Practices

outsource Orthopedic billing services

There are a number of ways in which outsourcing can improve a medical clinic’s efficiency and patient care. Unrealized profits, enhanced ENT account management, and greater earnings are just the tip of the iceberg. There are some specialties and practices where it makes more sense to outsource ENT billing than others. Consult with MD Pro…

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Ortho, Plastic Surgery, and ENT Account Management Support

medical practice account management and support

It’s easy to feel like you’re drowning in ENT account management if you don’t stay on top of your day-to-day responsibilities. Everybody in the medical field seems to be juggling multiple roles these days, what with the proliferation of urgent care centers and walk-in clinics and the general shortage of administrative personnel. But you can’t…

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Proven Medical Billing Training and Support for Orthopedics

training for ortho billing

MD Pro Solutions was founded by a team of physicians and medical office managers with expertise in optimizing, training, and supporting clinical coding for Orthopedic, Otolaryngology, and plastic surgery practices’ billing. Because we have been in your shoes for so long, we are uniquely qualified to provide education and training to your staff as well…

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Top Reasons to Outsource Medical Billing for Your Practice

top reasons to outsource medical billing services

Every company should strive to increase profits while also better serving their customers. The same principles must apply in a clinical setting if you are to achieve any level of success. Patient care comes first, but in order to keep the lights on, Otolaryngology account management needs to be a top concern. There have been…

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Hire a Healthcare Consultant for Plastic Surgery Practices

hire healthcare consultant for plastic surgery practices

Hiring a healthcare consultant for plastic surgery clinics, surgical centers, and practices provides many advantages to doctors, practice owners, and administrators. But not every service is the same. The consultant’s ability to enhance plastic surgery account management and patient care services depends on the depth and breadth of his or her knowledge and experience in…

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Account Management Consultant for Ear Nose & Throat Practices

account management consultant

It’s easy to feel swamped by the billing and coding requirements placed on Otolaryngology practices if daily operations aren’t kept in check. Everyone in the medical field seems to be juggling multiple responsibilities these days, what with the proliferation of urgent care centers and walk-in clinics and the general shortage of office workers. But you…

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Medical Billing and Coding: Plastic Surgery Staff Training

staff training plastic surgery

Studies show that many medical practices don’t make as much money as they should because their billing services and claims submission skills aren’t good enough. Education and training for staff are important to make sure that Plastic Surgery practices and other specialties get paid the money they have earned through proper insurance verification, coding, and…

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Outsourcing Medical Billing Services for Busy ENT Practices

outsourcing ENT practices

A company’s primary purpose should be to increase revenue and improve the quality of its products or services. If you want to be successful in the medical field, you must follow the same rules. Otolaryngology claims submissions and account management must be a top priority in order to provide quality care and services to patients.…

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Benefits of Hiring a Healthcare Consultant for Ortho Practices

consultant ortho practices

Practices and clinics in the field of otolaryngology may benefit from further support. Ortho billing and coding services that specialize in account receivables management, education, training, and support can be quite beneficial in this field. Programs, support, and consultancy services from MD Pro Solutions are aimed to improve important areas such as complete record-keeping, medical…

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Consulting, Auditing, and Medical Practice Billing Support

hire consultant medical billing

At MD Pro Solutions, our healthcare consulting services for medical practices can help you do just that. They can help you increase your medical practice’s income and protect your business from fraud. Our team offers a wide range of services to make billing and coding administration easier. These include billing reviews, offsite CPA audits, education,…

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