Credentialing Services

MD Pro Solutions also provides credentialing services for every provider in your office. The years of experience that we have working with ENT physicians and practices has helped us to be able to provide a complete array of credentialing services to our clients. We can include all of the important documents with each completed application, including current licensing, CMEs, declarations pages, certifications, malpractice narratives, etc. before sending it to your office for signatures.

Insurance only: Our credentialing is only for insurance payers and not for hospital privileges, etc…

Some of the credentialing services we provide include:

  • initial credentialing and re-credentialing for every provider in your office
  • comprehensive record-keeping of all applications made to insurance companies
  • completion and storage of all 855s for Medicare patients
  • preparation of applications, including all relevant documents to be attached
  • personal service, including on-site visits to your facility as-needed
  • fast and accurate credentialing process for new providers to help save you time and money

For more information on the credentialing services provided by MD Pro Solutions, contact us online using our contact form or call us direct at 508-946-1665.