What makes us Different?

Total Transparency - Meaningful Useful Monthly Reports Reviewed In-Person or Video Conference.

Strategic Partnership - MD Pro Solutions creates a team-like environment and works with each client’s staff to achieve improved results.

Reconciliation of All Cash Transactions - MD Pro Solutions acts as a daily External Audit, which will prevent any potential fraud.

True Partnership - We are not just medical billers but truly act as partners or consultants. Many of our senior staff has extensive medical management backgrounds or are certified coders.

Productivity Benchmarks - MD Pro Solutions works with each client to establish productivity benchmarks and targets for the practice by provider, which is measured monthly.

Revenue Enhancement - MD Pro Solutions can enhance revenue by optimizing your coding and re-working claims to capture additional revenue.

Proven Methods - We provide our clients services that feature a unique approach to billing and collection techniques that gets results.

MD Pro Solutions was founded by a group of medical practitioners and practice administrators who specialize in working with Ear Nose and Throat (ENT), Orthopedic (Ortho), and Plastic Surgery practices. Our experience helps us to understand and develop solutions for the medical billing and administrative business because we have lived it ourselves. MD Pro Solutions recognizes that the only way to successfully navigate the complex task of medical billing and office management is to stay on top of educational training and to have a firm grasp of the medical insurance industry.

Our Ear Nose and Throat (ENT), Orthopedic (Ortho), Plastic Surgery medical consultation services were developed with the primary goal of providing tools, education, and support to medical practitioners to reduce the amount of time spent on medical billing and administration so our clients could focus more on delivering quality patient care. Our mission is to become an extension of your office, working closely with your staff to eliminate common practices that waste time, while increasing efficiency and revenues.

MD Pro Solutions understands that each practice has its own set of unique needs and our focus on Ear Nose and Throat (ENT), Orthopedic (Ortho), and Plastic Surgery practices allows us to take our consultation services even further, providing industry and specialty-specific tools, education and support to improve your current medical billing services. We work directly with you and your staff to ensure that all of your unique needs and requirements are met.

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