12 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Medical Billing

  1. Outsourcing reduces billing errors.
  2. Outsourcing saves money and is a fixed cost.
  3. Outsourcing improves cash flow and increases revenue.
  4. Outsourcing improves patient satisfaction.
  5. Outsourcing ensures better compliance.
  6. Outsourcing helps medical practice collection goals to be aligned with that of its billing company.
  7. Outsourcing improves reporting and benchmarking.
  8. Outsourcing reduces HR work and coverage issues.
  9. Outsourcing eliminates training and retraining of billing staff.
  10. Outsourcing reduces payroll taxes and overhead.
  11. Outsourcing frees up much-needed space.
  12. Outsourcing includes a level of audit oversight from the separation of duties.